To One Dog, You May Just Be the World…

IMG_1096mRat Terrier ResQ, Inc. is a national all-volunteer Rat Terrier rescue group committed to saving Rat Terriers in need. These dogs are special loving creatures and, at times, end up with people who don’t understand them. These Rat Terriers may end up in shelters after having been abandoned, neglected or abused. We work to get them safe, loved, and healthy — and then find them the loving homes they deserve.

Rat Terrier ResQ takes in the unwanted Rat Terriers in our nation’s shelters.  We watch these dogs as they develop and learn, and as they become loved members of our foster families. Please consider giving one of our ResQ Dogs a new life by adopting from ResQ today.

Rat Terrier ResQ has Rat Terriers available for adoption in in foster homes all over the United States. Are you looking for a new Rat Terrier to warm your heart? Read about all of the Rat Terriers we have available for adoption.   If you know of a Rat Terrier in danger of euthanasia, please let us know.    Can’t adopt but still want to help a dog?  Please visit our Sponsor Dogs to choose a dog to help!

Our adoption fees are as follows: $175 for adult dogs,
$200 for puppies under 6 months of age, and $200 for American Hairless Terriers.

Ever wonder where your donations go?

Costs vary according to veterinarian and location.  Average minimum cost to vet a healthy adult dog is $200.  


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