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ADOPTED! Boulder

Posted May 26, 2009 at 11:35 am in Latest News



CongRATulations to the Garten family!

Little Boulder is a bundle of fun! He is a fun, loving, and active dog. Boulder is estimated to be 2-4 years old and is 12 pounds. He is VERY playful with other dogs — he’s really just a puppy with his antics! Boulder knows a very funny trick: he will freeze and stare at the floor when you tell him, “Calm.” It’s hilarious! Boulder would LOVE a family (preferably with someone home all day; we can dream, can’t we?) that will be there for him — take him for daily walks, train him, teach him new tricks, and play, play, play with him! He is house trained and eager to please! We just found out that he LOVES the water — he had a blast at the local lake. Boulder is quite interested in and entranced by the resident cats, and will stare or bark at them (but won’t hurt them!) when he can’t try to play-wrestle them, so we’d recommend no cats in his new home. We love Boulder and we know you will, too! He’ll be waiting for his new pals to come scoop him up! Please make sure you see more pictures of this gorgeous boy!


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CongRATulations to the Miller family!

Bugsy lost his home when his owner, who is serving in the military, was recently deployed. Bugsy is about a year old, and weighs 17 pounds. He is completely housebroken, but hates to be in a crate. He is very active, and a fenced backyard for this boy is an absolute must-have. He loves to run and play with other dogs, and also with toys. He needs someone to play ball with him and keep him busy to burn off some of the energy this handsome dog has. He is affectionate and minds well, and uses a doggie door like a pro. He is good on a leash and just an all-around nice dog for an active family, and because he is crazy about fetching a tennis ball and tugging on a rope, he might be an excellent agility or flyball prospect. Here are more pictures of Bugsy!

ADOPTED! Charlie Girl

Posted May 6, 2009 at 7:38 am in Latest News



CongRATulations to the Hatton family!

Charlie Girl is a 2 yr old female Rat Terrier weighing about 10 lbs. She is crate trained, housebroken, and is OK with other dogs. We are not sure how she does with cats, but we can have her “cat-scanned” upon request. Charlie was rescued from an animal control shelter in Florida where she was scheduled to be euthanized due to lack of room. At first she was very timid, but she has come a long way since coming to her foster home. We have been working to build up her confidence and trust in people and other dogs, and she has finally started playing with the other dogs as well as with toys. She has even built up enough confidence to become vocal and chirp and paw at you when she wants your attention. Charlie is a sweet girl that likes to sit next to you on the couch and loves to have her belly rubbed. View more pictures of Charlie!


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CongRATulations to the Parkin family!

Let us introduce Mister Spike. They do not come sweeter than this little boy! His foster family has been enjoying every second with him. Spike is approximately 18 months old and 16 pounds (he’s on a diet, folks!). This boy is the ultimate cuddle bear. When picked up, he will rest his head right on your shoulder and nuzzle his sweet little head into your neck! Talk about darling! He gets along playfully with all dogs, male and female, though he can sometimes be a little outspoken in play. He has not been around children, but given his laid-back temperament, we feel he would do wonderfully in most family situations. He does well with dog-savvy cats. Spike is crate trained and house trained, and enjoys leash-walking as well. This beautiful boy will just brighten your life and you will definitely catch Spring Fever, quickly becoming twitterpated with Spike! He will be available for adoption around May 8th, and we can line up his new family in the meantime. This guy won’t be available for long — he is a heart melter! Please see more pictures of this gorgeous boy!

Adopted! Bella Blue

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CongRATulations to the Mash family!

Meet Bella Blue, a rat terrier/mix who is about 3 years old and weighs around 10 pounds.She was picked up as a stray and pregnant and had quite a bit of hair loss. After she had her babies, she lost even more hair but although she’s had a rough few months, she’s a happy girl! Bella has a reaction to fleabites, so she’ll have to be on flea prevention all her life; with the right diet and being out of that stressful shelter, some if not most of her hair might grow back. She does fine with the hair that she has, though; her foster mom just makes sure to put sunscreen on her before she leaves for work… Bella loves to sunbathe! She also loves to go on car rides, walks very well on a leash and does pretty well with other dogs. She uses a doggie door just fine and sleeps very well in a crate… but she would just love someone who will not mind her sleeping in their lap! Bella doesn’t bother cats, and has not had a chance to meet young children yet. Can you give Bella a forever home?

ADOPTED! Kingston

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CongRATulations to the McDonald family (NY)!

Looking for your Prince Charming? Looking for your best friend? Need someone to look into your eyes and let you know it’s all going to be okay? Need a snuggle bunny on a cold night? Need a friend to hang out and watch TV with you? Like to take walks?  Like to laugh at silly things? Like a companion who is smart and attractive? Like someone with wonderful manners and charm? Most of all, looking for a passionate kisser and incessant hugger?  We do believe you’ve met your match made in heaven!  Meet Kingston!  This 7-month-old is fun and playful, yet calm and independent.  He’s learned his potty routine, using a doggy door almost perfectly.  He is just a gem of a boy who deserves the very most that life has to offer.  He loves having canine playmates and has been nothing but a fun little gentleman with every dog and human, no matter what age or gender that he’s encountered.  Thank you for choosing to spend forever with this little King!