Put Your Rattie on the ResQ Quilt!

Posted Jul 7, 2009 at 7:25 pm in Events, Latest News

QuiltTextDo you have a photogenic Rat Terrier? Share your lovely one with fellow Rat Terrier enthusiasts! Photo submissions should be sent to the email address listed below.

Submission Information:

We’re going to do something different this year with the 2009 ResQ Quilt project! Our ResQ Team is excited to announce that the entire quilt will be done by an amazing professional quilter, with photos of our Rat Terriers as the main focus. The quilt will be completely washable and the photos will be professionally duplicated onto fabric so they will last. Our quilter has chosen the pattern, and hopes to have a king-sized quilt this year.

And so, it’s time to submit photos you have taken of your Rat Terrier or Rat Terriers for inclusion in the 2009 ResQ Quilt! Please choose a maximum of two (2) high-quality photos (resolution should be close to 1440 px) and submit them to Quilt@RatTerrierResQ.com


— Photo must be of one or more Rat Terriers.
— Please submit only those photos you have the rights to distribute.
— No human subjects, please.
— Photos should be of a high resolution, around 1440 px; clear, crisp images preferred.
— Not all photos submitted will necessarily be used.
— Please identify the dogs in the photo(s).
— The act of submission will constitute permission to use the image
— Submissions need to be mailed to Quilt@RatTerrierResQ.com by the deadline, 7/31/2009.

And…If your photo is chosen by our quilter, you will receive 5 free quilt raffle tickets when we start the quilt raffle! Who wouldn’t want a quilt with their Rat Terrier’s image on it?

Photos need to be submitted by Friday, July 31st and we will announce the selected photos by August 7th. Let’s get some great photos in to make this quilt STUNNING! If you have questions, please email us at Quilt@RatTerrierResQ.com

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  1. Marti & Jay Stutsman said:

    All of our dogs are rescue dogs, our beautiful rattie, Oliver Jon amoung them. You can see him featured prominently on our website on the page Moments in the Midwest. We are taking another picture to submit for the quilt contest. He was rescued from the Marshall County Humane Society where his Mom sent him when he chewed her socks and flooring and she didn’t like that. He has chewed any number of my socks and a goooooddd deal of flooring but we love him and his brothers, also featured on the page, seem to thing he is quite the “thing”. He brought me a woodchuck for a present on the 4th. He was VERY proud. He has also brought me a snake,several voles and a number of UFO! Ollie has a good deal of acreage to roam and he does make the most of it!

    posted July 7th, 2009 at 8:02 pm

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