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CongRATulations to the Jonson family!

Zoe is a 15-month-old Rattie. She is a very energetic young lady and would really like to be part of an active family. Her prey drive is very high so she would be a good candidate for Agility or Flyball. She gets along with the two Ratties in her foster home and does fine with dog-savvy cats, although it wouldn’t be advised to have small pets like mice, rats, hamsters, or guinea pigs, which could end up being her lunch that are within her reach. Zoe would be fine in a home with older mature kids. Zoe has PKD (Polycystic Kidney Disease); her current blood work and urinalysis show that her kidney function is in the normal range. Her condition is currently stabilized. She may need to be on a low-protein diet for the rest of her life and may need to be on an herbal supplement. Zoe loves life and is always up for a new adventure. Are you ready to bring this little ball of energy into your life? Please see more pictures of Zoe — she’s adorable! Please note: Zoe needs to be adopted within driving distance of her foster home.


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CongRATulations to the McCay family!

Here is the Rat Terrier you’ve been waiting for! Brutus is a wonderful, playful boy who is house trained, crate trained and just a general, all-around Wonder Dog. He is 3 years old and 22 pounds full of loving and fun. He gets along well with other dogs and is friendly with people. Brutus does bark at the cats in his foster home, so we don’t recommend those furballs in his new life. We’d LOVE to find a Rattie-savvy family for this fabulous man! Check out more pictures and stay tuned for video of Da Brute!

ADOPTED! Lola Belle

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CongRATulations to the Haile family!

Meet Lola Belle!  Lola Belle is about 10 adorable pounds and has a docked tail.  She is about as cute as they come. Lola Belle, who is around 1 to 2 years old, hails from a shelter in the Texarkana, AR area. She is a complete lovebug and wants to be with her people all the time.  She is adjusting to her Arkansas foster home and is learning important things, like house training, crate training, and how to walk on a leash.   She quickly learned the doggie door, so we think she is very smart! The perfect home for this sweet girl would be one where someone was home a lot of the time, and she had a playmate to keep her company.  We think she would do fine with children, but she is a little shy with new people.  She doesn’t seem to have any bad habits that we can find, except she is a bit of a door-darter if you are trying to leave the house, because she wants to go with you!  Lola Belle is still settling into her foster home routine, and we will update as we get to know her.  All she really needs is a forever home, and someone to let her have a little lap time.  And of course, a scratch behind the ears is always good!


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CongRATulations to the Maetzold family!

If you are looking for a fun loving little bundle of joy and energy, here I am. My foster mom says I am fast as the wind and very agile, able to leap tall dogs in a single bound. She has been telling me about something called agility and wow, am I ever interested in that! Sounds like my kind of thing to do, and I would be GREAT at it. I am still a puppy (18 months old), and although am housetrained and use a doggie door (learned it on my second try!), I like to chew stuff. I have lots of squeaky toys and bones to keep me busy. I like the other dogs at my foster home, but I haven’t met a cat yet. I sure do like to chase the squirrels, though, and I make a great door bell. I am learning to sit and and know the difference between my outside voice and my inside voice. Smart as a whip, my fostermom says, whatever that means. I’m all ready to find my own humans and move into their house! I need a fenced yard to run run run and play in. I like the kids next door, and they pet me nice even though they are really little. I’m 8 pounds of long legged girl ready to find my way right into your heart!

ADOPTED! Rosalina

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CongRATulations to the Houde/Laporte family!

Wow, you must get to know this girl! Rosalina is a darling girl, looking for that love that lasts a lifetime! She is cuddly, loving, playful and just plain sweet! She lost her home when her human did, and so she came to ResQ. Rosalina is probably a Rat Terrier/Dachshund mix, which makes her all the cuter! She is house trained, crate trained, and loves to take walks. She just started learning to walk on lead next to her human (instead of pulling and forging ahead) and picked it up in just five minutes! Rosalina is about 18 pounds (and that’s even a little on the “fluffy” side) and is 6 years old. She is really looking for her true love out there. Wherefore art thou? Why don’t you see more pictures of Rosalina?


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CongRATulations to the Maslanka family!

Breck is a white and tan girl with a lot of ticking (spots) so her Irish name, meaning “freckled,” fits her. She is a little girl at 9 pounds and is 8 months old.  Breck is as sweet as sugar. She is more playful than her sister, Kait.  (Hey, Kait is also looking for a family! The girls do not have to be adopted together.) She likes to be on the go.  She has full tail that is always on the move.  She is very silly and plays with toys by herself when she isn’t wrestling with her sister. Breck is delicate, so a home with children older than 8 would be preferred. She is crate trained, doing well with house training and is working on leash walking.  She has a fear of small children, but the neighborhood kids are helping her overcome this.  She has no aggression, but you could overdose on puppy kisses. Please visit the photo album to see more pictures of Breck (and Kait, too!).

Put Your Rattie on the ResQ Quilt!

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QuiltTextDo you have a photogenic Rat Terrier? Share your lovely one with fellow Rat Terrier enthusiasts! Photo submissions should be sent to the email address listed below.

Submission Information:

We’re going to do something different this year with the 2009 ResQ Quilt project! Our ResQ Team is excited to announce that the entire quilt will be done by an amazing professional quilter, with photos of our Rat Terriers as the main focus. The quilt will be completely washable and the photos will be professionally duplicated onto fabric so they will last. Our quilter has chosen the pattern, and hopes to have a king-sized quilt this year.

And so, it’s time to submit photos you have taken of your Rat Terrier or Rat Terriers for inclusion in the 2009 ResQ Quilt! Please choose a maximum of two (2) high-quality photos (resolution should be close to 1440 px) and submit them to Quilt@RatTerrierResQ.com


— Photo must be of one or more Rat Terriers.
— Please submit only those photos you have the rights to distribute.
— No human subjects, please.
— Photos should be of a high resolution, around 1440 px; clear, crisp images preferred.
— Not all photos submitted will necessarily be used.
— Please identify the dogs in the photo(s).
— The act of submission will constitute permission to use the image
— Submissions need to be mailed to Quilt@RatTerrierResQ.com by the deadline, 7/31/2009.

And…If your photo is chosen by our quilter, you will receive 5 free quilt raffle tickets when we start the quilt raffle! Who wouldn’t want a quilt with their Rat Terrier’s image on it?

Photos need to be submitted by Friday, July 31st and we will announce the selected photos by August 7th. Let’s get some great photos in to make this quilt STUNNING! If you have questions, please email us at Quilt@RatTerrierResQ.com

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