Happy Endings: Bugsy and the Millers

Posted Aug 5, 2009 at 7:00 am in Happy Endings, Latest News

Bugsy's favorite spot.Bugsy was fostered by Cora in Arkansas for two months and was adopted by the Miller family in May 2009. Bugsy was originally named Zamboni. He found himself homeless after his human was deployed for military assignment.

Bugsy’s new mom writes: After a couple months of looking for a Rat Terrier, I found Rat Terrier ResQ’s website. It looked like such a great organization. The people we worked with during the adoption process were very helpful and friendly. Everything was really easy. Bugsy warmed right up to us and got along with our other two dogs right from the start. He has adjusted to his new life very quickly and we are very happy to have him here with us.

What a great life for him! See more pictures of Bugsy in his new home.

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