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CongRATulations to the Maloney family!

Shiloh is a darling little boy, who weighs in at 13 pounds and is only 1 year old. This guy has won hearts along his way, charming the shelter workers who so desperately wanted to save him after other humans had abandoned him. He has done very well in his foster home, coming out of his shell and is doing wonderfully with house training and crate training. He walks like a dream on a leash! Shiloh has been able to make connections, both human and canine. Shiloh is definitely not a fan of cats, or maybe we can say he is *too much* of a fan of cats, but either way you look at it, we don’t recommend cats in his new home. We also think he would not be comfortable with kids and their fast, unpredictable ways. The perfect family for Shiloh would have a patient, loving human or two. This guy is so special and we want to make sure he gets what he deserves — a real, honest-to-goodness forever home! Please see more pictures of Shiloh and some great beach videos of this adorable boy: His first time at the beach and a return trip to the beach.

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