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ADOPTED! Aniella

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CongRATulations to the Young family!

Tiny little Ani is nervous and anxious about new situations and is somewhat afraid of everything. We think she may be a Toy Fox Terrier, but we couldn’t leave her behind, so now she’s an honorary Rat! She has started to gain weight and socialize, and wants nothing more in life than to sit in your chair with you and enjoy some lap time. She is skittish and afraid of new people, but is learning to trust humans again. Ani has completed heartworm treatment and is ready to look for her special home. She needs a quiet home that understands the issues that puppymill dogs are forced to deal with. It’s hard to determine Ani’s age, due to poor diet and neglect, but our vets say she is probably 6 or 7 years old. Her gray muzzle is a result of poor physical condition, not age. She is working very hard on her house training lessons, and is determined to be someone’s lap buddy. Ani has made great strides, but she will need a special home with plenty of patience and understanding of a shy dog.


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CongRATulations to the Maloney family!

Shiloh is a darling little boy, who weighs in at 13 pounds and is only 1 year old. This guy has won hearts along his way, charming the shelter workers who so desperately wanted to save him after other humans had abandoned him. He has done very well in his foster home, coming out of his shell and is doing wonderfully with house training and crate training. He walks like a dream on a leash! Shiloh has been able to make connections, both human and canine. Shiloh is definitely not a fan of cats, or maybe we can say he is *too much* of a fan of cats, but either way you look at it, we don’t recommend cats in his new home. We also think he would not be comfortable with kids and their fast, unpredictable ways. The perfect family for Shiloh would have a patient, loving human or two. This guy is so special and we want to make sure he gets what he deserves — a real, honest-to-goodness forever home! Please see more pictures of Shiloh and some great beach videos of this adorable boy: His first time at the beach and a return trip to the beach.


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Don’t let Tank’s rough-and-tough name fool you. Tank is a sweet, sensitive little boy who needs a patient and loving mom or dad to help him build his confidence. Tank is a bit cautious at first; once you’ve become friends, Tank’s your best buddy! Tank loves to cuddle and sleeps ever so peacefully under the covers at night. He greets his foster mom with a happy bark and a tail waggin’ when she gets home from work. Tank also follows his foster mom from room to room, not letting her out of his sight. Tank is house trained and will go outside to do his business; however, he’d prefer if you went outside with him. He likes to take a little break in his crate if things are a bit noisy or chaotic in the household. Tank is about 6 years old and weighs 12 pounds. Since Tank is such a shy and sensitive fellow, he would not do well with children or loud, boisterous households. He ignores all the other foster dogs in his current home. We’re unsure how he’ll behave around cats. We can have him “cat-scanned” upon request. He is better suited for an older, retired mom or dad who wants a quiet, laid-back companion. Tank is available for adoption in a limited area – Tennessee and Kentucky. Please see more pictures of this handsome boy!

ADOPTED! Buddy Boy

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CongRATulations to the Boman family!

Hi, my name is Buddy Boy. I am about 3 years old and weigh almost 16 pounds. I am on the tall side with my long legs. I am completely crate trained, sit on command and love to take treats from your hand (I do it very gently). I was picked up as a stray and my owner never claimed me. I am a very confident dog and do not scare. I am not a big barker but when I do, it is a very soft bark. At first, my foster mom thought my barker was removed but it’s there. I love to snuggle and lay on my back for belly rubs! My foster mom says that I have been one of her best foster dogs. I just fit in as soon as I got here. I do have a couple of broken teeth probably from chewing on the cage at the shelter but they should not cause any problems. Make sure you see more pictures of me — I’m a cutie!

ADOPTED! Boudreaux

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CongRATulations to the Jofat family!

Here’s Boudreaux – also known as Boodie Roodie Patootie! He’s a 10-month-old Teddy Rat (formerly known as type B) and Jack Russell Mix who stands 12 inches at the shoulder and weight 12 pounds. Boodie is a mischievous pup who will steal your slipper one minute and then crawl into your lap for a nap the next minute. He willingly gives kisses and loves to snuggle at bedtime. He is a bit of a jumper (too nosy for his own good) so he’ll be best around 8-year-old children or older. He is 99% house trained when on a schedule. He loves to play “ruff and tumble” with the other pups in his foster home. He is crate trained, walks well on a leash and loves to go for car rides. He would be best around dog-savvy cats. Boodie would benefit from some etiquette skills – just to polish up his puppy manners, of course. Please see more pictures of Boodie!


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CongRATulations to the Jahn family!

Wanna play Plinko?  Come on down!  In this case, Plinko is a tiny little girl, about 10 pounds and 8-9 months old.  She is a beautiful tan sable with a full tail that she wags constantly.  This girl is a lap dog!   Her favorite thing in the whole world is to sit in her human’s lap and snooze.  She seems to love everyone, and gets along with all the dogs in her foster home.  There isn’t an ounce of aggression in this pretty little package.  Plinko is working very hard on her housetraining, and has already learned the doggie door.  She needs to learn to relax in her crate, and we also need to do some leash training, but Plinko definitely has the personality of a wonderful companion for just about any family situation.


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CongRATulations to the Ulmer family!

Kait is Irish for “Pure” and she is just a pure joy! She is a sweet girl with a full tail that is constantly going. She weighs about 11 pounds and is 9 months old. Kait is crate trained and is doing well with her house training. She likes to sit with you and is very playful, she loves (*loves!*) to be outside playing. She has a silly mischievous side and gets up a good “Rat Run” through the house or yard. She gets along well with the other dogs in the home. Kait comes off as very shy initially, but once she gets comfortable, her true silly side comes out. She will be a “pure” delight to your home. Please visit the photo album to see more pictures of Kait.

Happy Endings: Bugsy and the Millers

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Bugsy's favorite spot.Bugsy was fostered by Cora in Arkansas for two months and was adopted by the Miller family in May 2009. Bugsy was originally named Zamboni. He found himself homeless after his human was deployed for military assignment.

Bugsy’s new mom writes: After a couple months of looking for a Rat Terrier, I found Rat Terrier ResQ’s website. It looked like such a great organization. The people we worked with during the adoption process were very helpful and friendly. Everything was really easy. Bugsy warmed right up to us and got along with our other two dogs right from the start. He has adjusted to his new life very quickly and we are very happy to have him here with us.

What a great life for him! See more pictures of Bugsy in his new home.

Happy Endings: Freddie and Terri

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Freddie & TerriFreddie was fostered by Wendy in California for almost three months before his new mom, Terri, adopted him in June 2009.

Freddie came to ResQ with multiple wounds that had been stitched up. He can’t tell us exactly what happened to him, but despite his injuries, this boy has healed nicely and does not let his unfortunate past keep him from enjoying life to the fullest.

On the day that Freddie met Terri for the first time, he ran up her “like she was his long lost mom.” Freddie and Terri were truly made for each other, and he is now living “happily ever after.”