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CongRATulations to the Tyler family!

Sookie has a sad story to tell behind those gorgeous brown eyes. She may not know what “foreclosure” means, but she knows that her family moved away and left her behind. A kind neighbor was feeding her and giving her water, but when it became obvious that Sookie’s family wasn’t coming back, the neighbor took her to the pound. Since she was technically an “owner surrender,” Sookie had three days to live. She was pulled by ResQ on her last day, and was a trembling, terrified mess when her foster mom picked her up from her cage. Look at her now! Sookie is between 1 and 2 years old, and appears completely house trained. She uses a doggie door, and although she will sleep in a crate if you want her to, she is grateful to sleep at the foot of her foster mom’s bed. Sookie is about 12 pounds and just as sweet as they come. She is submissive and quiet, and wags that glorious white tail all the time. Sookie was terrified at the shelter, but she’s a happy dog now! She may be fine with kids, but we haven’t tested her yet, and will update when kid & cat tests are done. Are you looking for a sweet dog like Sookie?

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