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CongRATulations to the Priole family!

You have to wonder why a young pup like Lyla wound up in a shelter – especially one as sweet as Lyla! Our vets say she is 8 months old, and weighs 14 pounds.  Lyla has a short bobtail and erect ears, and brindle coloration on the sides of her pretty face. She was skin and bones when pulled from the shelter because she was being housed with much larger dogs who wouldn’t let her eat. Lyla is submissive to all the other dogs in her foster home, and is such an easy-going girl, we feel she would do well in just about any family situation. She is doing very well with her house training, and is already crate trained. She happily snuggles with her human, and is so dear. She is a happy-go-lucky girl who has shown no behavioral issues at all. All this happy girl lacks is a home of her own! Maybe Lyla is just the right dog for your family? Please see more photos of darling Lyla.


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