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CongRATulations to the Priole family!

You have to wonder why a young pup like Lyla wound up in a shelter – especially one as sweet as Lyla! Our vets say she is 8 months old, and weighs 14 pounds.¬† Lyla has a short bobtail and erect ears, and brindle coloration on the sides of her pretty face. She was skin and bones when pulled from the shelter because she was being housed with much larger dogs who wouldn’t let her eat. Lyla is submissive to all the other dogs in her foster home, and is such an easy-going girl, we feel she would do well in just about any family situation. She is doing very well with her house training, and is already crate trained. She happily snuggles with her human, and is so dear. She is a happy-go-lucky girl who has shown no behavioral issues at all. All this happy girl lacks is a home of her own! Maybe Lyla is just the right dog for your family? Please see more photos of darling Lyla.

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CongRATulations to the Gaynor/Cushing family!

Bullit is just the right size, not too big, not too small at about 16″ tall and 23 lbs. He is a very calm, easy-going dog: quiet indoors, affectionate, happy and playful. He has very nice manners and quickly learned to sit for a reward – meals, walkies, treats. He LOVES to go for a walk and gets very excited when the leashes come out. We are working on some leash manners. Bullit gets along great with the other dogs in his foster home. He tolerates grooming well and has had no problem at all. He has the most wonderful temperament. Bullit has happily greeted every person he has met, young and old. He has been exposed to the foster home cat and displayed great interest, but was not out of control. We believe he could adapt to a home with a cat with some training. We would not recommend a home with small furry critters, like hamsters! He does not dig or bark unnecessarily. Bullit is about 4 years old and is house trained, rides happily in the car and sleeps in a crate – though would clearly prefer a bed! Bullit will be a great dog for any type of household, active or quiet. We definitely recommend taking a moment to check out more pictures of this cutie!


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CongRATulations to the Tyler family!

Sookie has a sad story to tell behind those gorgeous brown eyes. She may not know what “foreclosure” means, but she knows that her family moved away and left her behind. A kind neighbor was feeding her and giving her water, but when it became obvious that Sookie’s family wasn’t coming back, the neighbor took her to the pound. Since she was technically an “owner surrender,” Sookie had three days to live. She was pulled by ResQ on her last day, and was a trembling, terrified mess when her foster mom picked her up from her cage. Look at her now! Sookie is between 1 and 2 years old, and appears completely house trained. She uses a doggie door, and although she will sleep in a crate if you want her to, she is grateful to sleep at the foot of her foster mom’s bed. Sookie is about 12 pounds and just as sweet as they come. She is submissive and quiet, and wags that glorious white tail all the time. Sookie was terrified at the shelter, but she’s a happy dog now! She may be fine with kids, but we haven’t tested her yet, and will update when kid & cat tests are done. Are you looking for a sweet dog like Sookie?

ResQ’s 2009 Quilt Raffle

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collageRat Terrier ResQ is pleased to announce the winner of our annual Quilt Raffle.

Claire Wong-Ostapowicz of Wallingford, CT will be getting this marvelous Best of Show quilt!

CongRATulations to Claire and our sincere thanks to ALL of you out there who bought tickets! We are able to help so many Rat Terriers with your constant support and help.

The quilt for 2009 is simply stunning! Crafted by an award-winning quilter using ResQ fan photographs, the quilt will fit a King size bed or would look spectacular as a wall hanging. This quilt has just won Best Of Show at the 88th Annual Tulare County Fair. Please see photos of the finished quilt.


All proceeds from the sale of the quilt raffle tickets will be used for veterinary expenses (spay and neuter surgeries, vaccinations, heartworm tests) for the foster dogs of Rat Terrier ResQ, Inc.


We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to all who submitted their Rat Terrier photographs for our quilt, our fabulous and talented quilter, Ann Hinman, and give major props to Wendy Kusamura and Mary Young, whose tireless efforts on behalf of the homeless Ratties are always appreciated. We truly value all of these special people, and are in awe of their unwavering support of ResQ and the breed we all love!

And one huge, amazing *THANK YOU* to everyone who buys tickets. Good luck to you. Most importantly, the dogs thank you!

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CongRATulations to the Murray family!

I’m Maya! I am 1 to 2 years old, around 12 pounds and turning into a beautiful lady. When I first came to ResQ, I was sick and had mange. I was a mess, but look at me now! My soft fur is all grown back. I love to be in a lap (Looking for a lap dog? I’m your best bet)! I love to run and play, too. I get along with the other dogs in my foster home, but I would sure like to be your only dog. I wouldn’t mind one other dog as long as I know you will spend time with me. My foster mom says to tell you about this little bad habit I have — I really like flip flops; they taste soooo good. My foster mom says I can’t have them, but I still occasionally sneak them. She gives me bones and stuffed toys (which I can desqueak in no time flat), but there is just something about flip flops! I use the doggie door like a champ; I figured it out quickly! I am doing great with my house training (I only forget once in a while now). If you are looking for a playful, cuddly girl, could you consider me? Let me know when I need to pack my bags!


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CongRATulations to the Rosevelt family!

Gracie is a 4 – 6 year old female Rat Terrier weighing about 16 lbs. She is crate trained, housebroken, and gets along with everyone including dogs, cats, and children. Gracie’s owners were no longer able to care for her, so they surrendered her to a rescue organization. She did great in her foster home but had to be placed in another foster home when the foster mother experienced medical issues that forced her to make alternate arrangements for Gracie. Poor little Gracie bounced around a few temporary foster homes, before becoming a Rat Terrier ResQ dog. She’s lived in several homes over the past few months, but you’d never know it to see how quickly she fit right in to her current home. Gracie is a sweet and extremely affectionate dog. She’s full of energy and loves to run around but is also content to sit in your lap and drown you in doggie kisses. Gracie could be the perfect addition to your family. View more pictures of Gracie!