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CongRATulations to the Cormier family!

Bonnie (Bonita) came from Texas along with her three brothers and sisters. They were found in the woods alongside their deceased mother, and had a terrible start in life. Not only was she orphaned, she had lost nearly all her fur to a terrible case of the mange. As you can see, almost all her fur has grown back nicely, and she’s doing great! Bonnie weighs about 7 pounds and is about 15 weeks old. She is friendly and playful, and just a happy pup! Please follow her progress as she recovers from her poor start in life. Bonnie and her brothers and sister would love to have homes where they can blossom and grow into perfect little Ratties! Is that home yours?

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  1. the Cormier's said:

    We are thrilled to be welcoming Bonnie to our family very soon, she is so sweet! Hopefully her handsome brother Tejas will also be going to a forever home soon!

    posted December 28th, 2009 at 8:00 pm

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