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CongRATulations to the Ortiz family!

My name is Caddo, and I’m the biggest boy of my siblings! But I am also the sweetest, if you ask my foster mom. I was very worried about my little brothers and sisters when our mom died in the woods, but a nice lady found us and got us somewhere warm and safe. We had all lost most of our fur, but it’s growing back now and I’m happy in my Arkansas foster home. My sisters have been adopted, but I really want my brother Tejas and I to have our own homes. I am 12 pounds at 5 months. I am learning about housebreaking (my mom says I am good!) and I am also paper trained. Please follow my progress! I would love to have a home of my own, and maybe even some kids to play with! I’m a puppy, so I might chew a shoe or two, or tear up a Kleenex, but I’ll try to be really good if you’ll adopt me.

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