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CongRATulations to the Rilling family!

Sid is a wonderful 4 year old male, who was rescued from a kill shelter. He is such a sweet guy, loves to be cuddled and is always giving kisses. He is very laid-back, but he loves going on his walks and looks forward to them. Leash walking him is so easy; he will walk right next to you. He likes being outdoors, so a home with a secured fenced yard would suit him best. He doesn’t mind being around other dogs, but isn’t much into interacting with them. He is submissive to other dogs and would not pick a fight. He will chase the tennis ball, but seems more content on being a lap dog. He is a friendly boy and will let anyone pet him including children. As long as someone pays attention to him he is happy. He likes to chase small animals so a home with cats would not be good for him. We think a home where he will get a lot of attention and affection would suit him best. Please see more pictures of Sid!

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  1. Robert said:

    I would love to have Paris meet Sid ..I live in Tampa too……Go to my face book and you can see an album of Paris’s…Face book….Bobby Azmitia…I will let you in to my site……Bobby

    posted March 22nd, 2010 at 9:29 pm

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