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CongRATulations to the Maldonado family!

Meet Molly, a silky-smooth 1.5 year old, 13 lb. sweetie! Molly loves to cuddle and be pet while on your lap, purrs when you pick her up and is happiest when she can be curled up next to you. Molly plays well with the 3 Rat Terrier buddies in her foster home. She is making great strides with her house training skills and is adapting to her leash. She has spent too much time in a crate in her past but is thriving now with her new freedom in her foster household and loves snuggling in bed. Molly will come when she is called by name and likes riding in the car. This affectionate girl can’t wait to meet her forever family. Won’t you please give her the love and TLC she wants and deserves? You must see more pictures of this adorable girl!

ADOPTED! Nooglebug

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CongRATulations to the Wilhelm family!

An Arkansas-wide plea was posted to try to save this darling little girl in the Cabot shelter. She had a broken leg. A trip to the Cabot vet produced a very poor diagnosis, and the vet’s advice was to amputate the leg because the two bones wouldn’t line up. She has a complete break of both bones in her front leg, close to the paw where the bones are tiny. ResQ wasn’t ready to give up on her leg, so we had one of our vets look at her. He recommended splinting the leg and hoping for the best. But as evidenced from her x-ray, it wasn’t lined up well at all. We opted to send Noogie (also called “Bug,”) to our orthopedic specialist in Green Bay, Wisconsin. She underwent expensive surgery to plate the bones on February 12th. This little girl, about 5 years old, has always had a smile on her face and a wag in her tail. She loves everyone she meets, and the feeling is mutual. This is a very special little girl who deserves a chance at being whole again. Please see more photos of Noogie!