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CongRATulations to the Ford family!

Sweet, Sweet Swai! Swai is a quiet, little teddy-type rat terrier who is looking for a safe, loving home. Swai’s family had to give her up when someone developed allergies so now she’s ready to start over. Swai is white with brown spots, and her face is tricolor with big, understanding brown eyes. She is 11 inches tall, 14 inches long and is just a tad zaftig — tipping the scales at 14 lbs. (but currently working on losing a few with a healthy new diet and exercise). She is about six years old and is housebroken, walks like a lady on a leash, rides patiently in the car, and when she gets playful she trots around the lawn in celebration. Swai has settled into her foster home with ease, uses a low growl to assert herself, but is definitely submissive when challenged. She does not want to fight and she prefers to play gently. Swai can be timid with strangers at first. She definitely needs an understanding family who will be as gentle with her as she is with them. She enjoys getting brushed or petted and thoroughly enjoys soft belly rubs and quiet times at your side while you’re reading, working on the computer or watching TV. Swai bonded quickly with her foster mom and is very loving. If you would like a furry companion that has a lot of love to give, Swai is the gal for you! To see more photos of Swai in her foster home,  Click Here

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