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Adopted!! Joanie

Posted Oct 28, 2010 at 6:55 am in Latest News



CongRATulations to the Mc Bride family!

Joanie is a black and white smooth coat teddy type rat terrier who is about 3 years old. She weighs only 9 lbs. and stands 10 inches tall at the shoulders. She has erect ears, a tricolor head, brown eyes and a short little tail. Joanie is a people-person. Errr … People-Dog. She would probably be very happy as an only dog. As an alpha female, she tends to get possessive of her person, but she has learned to share couch time with her foster brothers and sisters. She REALLY loves being close to you, and thrives on attention. Joanie is great with kids (toddlers) and tolerates cats. Joanie has a close relationship right now with Chachi, who was with her when she was found. She can be a bit bossy but is learning at her foster home to fall in with the pack for walks, feeding and grooming time. Joanie is a smart, quick little girl who enjoys a quick sprint as much as a quiet nap. She is crate-trained and currently prefers sharing her crate with her BFF — Chachi.  She is an athletic little gal who runs, jumps and climbs with the best of them. She can scale a chain link fence if the mood strikes her, so that needs to be taken into consideration for placement into her new home. For a look at Joanie in action check out her photo/video album at: Click Here

ADOPTED!! Peabody

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CongRATulations to the Oglesby family!

Let us introduce you to Peabody!  For some unexplainable reason, this cute little pup ended up at a shelter in the DFW area.  Luckily, the shelter vaccinated him upon intake so he didn’t catch one of those nasty shelter diseases that are so deadly to pups like Peabody.  Surprisingly, nobody showed up to adopt him, and ResQ was contacted when his time ran out.  Peabody is about 3 months old, and bundle of energy.  He is very smart and holds his own with the other dogs in the house.  He and his foster brother Baxter have bonded and they can run and play all day!  If one of the other dogs is playing with Peabody and they appear to be getting a little rough, Baxter jumps in the middle to help him out.  Peabody is clever, and at his tender age, has figured out how to get out the doggie door.  It was a struggle, but he called on his terrier tenacity, and made it!  He is working very hard to learn house manners, and is eager to please.  Peabody sleeps in the crate at night, and can go about 8 hours without having to make a trip outside.  After a hard day of playing and chasing the other dogs, he usually takes some serious naps!  This cute guy would do well in just about any home, and bring years of companionship and puppy smooches.   Be sure to check in for new pictures of this bundle of joy! Click Here

Adopted!! Clyde

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CongRATulations to the Bradley family!

Clyde is approximately 3 years old and weighs about 10 lbs.  He is housebroken and crate trained.  This cutie gets along with other dogs and loves everyone.  He has a funny little way of sitting up on his bottom, almost like a person sits.  We don’t know how he’d be around cats but can arrange to have him “Cat” scanned upon request.  Clyde and his sister Bonnie were brought into a FL shelter as strays.  When no one came looking for them, they became ResQ dogs. Clyde is not quite as outgoing as his sister who is obviously the boss and protector in this pair.  The two of them can usually be found lying on top of one another in a little pile.  Bonnie and Clyde are available for adoption together or separately. View more pictures of Clyde at http://imageevent.com/ratterrierresq/clyde


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CongRATulations to the Parker family!

Please meet Dewey!  Dewey is approximately 1 to 1 1/2 years old and weighs a whopping 8 lbs. Dewey was pulled from a shelter in Las Vegas and flew home with his fostermom to his new fosterhome in CT.  This cute guy gets along great with all the other dogs in his foster home and has the funniest personality!  He loves to chase a tennis ball, play with all his toys, or take a break and snuggle on your lap.  He enjoys sleeping in bed with his foster parents and snuggling tight to keep you safe.  Dewey sleeps through the night without a peep and wakes up giving you lots of kisses.  Dewey is crate trained, house trained, and great on a leash. It takes him a few minutes to warm up to new people, but once he knows you won’t hurt him he is a total lovebug!  Because he is a bit shy at first meeting, it would probably be best for his family to consist of children over 10.  Once you meet this little guy you will fall in love, so please make a place in your heart for him.