ADOPTED!! Pepper

Posted Nov 14, 2010 at 3:59 pm in Latest News



CongRATulations to the Jacobson family!

Pepper is a sweet-tempered, active little guy with a big case of the friendlies.  He is still in the puppy stage, at 10 months old and 12 pounds. Pepper has funny little mannerisms and will keep you laughing!   He seems very bright and needs someone to teach him dog-people activities.  He plays ball enthusiastically, gives up toys easily and likes to ride in the car.  Pepper is crate trained and sleeps through the night in his crate without complaining, but he would no doubt like to upgrade to your bed. Pepper is working on his housetraining and coming along very nicely!  He is not destructive, and is always seen soliciting all the other dogs to play.  His favorite game is chase!  The shelter said he ignored cats, and seems to be fine with the chickens at his foster home.  He is eager to participate in everything you do, BRING IT ON! Pepper may well become the best dog you have ever had.  Please let him know when to pack his bags for his trip home!  For more photos of Pepper in his foster home, click here:;jsessionid=ijm6ug1km1.penguin_s

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