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Adopted! Twiggy

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CongRATulations to the Gregorio family!

“Twiggy” used to be called “Tippy” before she came to ResQ.  Her long legs and slender build brought back vintage images from the 60’s & 70’s.  At 3 years old and only 6 lbs, this female tri-color mostly black and white with tan could probably use a pound or two.  Only a short while ago, Twiggy was separated from her brother when he escaped the shelter in KY, but she safely arrived in her fostermom’s arms on September 25th.  She seems so delicate, but can show her hardy side when in the yard with her foster siblings.  She arrived with a nasty case of kennel cough, but is finally feeling well, and we get to see the real Twiggy!  She’s such a sweetheart and would like nothing than to sit in your lap 24/7.  She is crate trained and mostly housetrained with a doggie door, or as long as you keep her on a schedule and watch for her signs.  She doesn’t mind the crate and sometimes, feels most comfortable in when she wants to get away from it all.  She loves to give kisses and make you happy.  Twiggy loves EVERYONE, furry & human, small & tall!  You don’t need a lot of space for this girl, just enough room in your heart!  Her soulful eyes will pull at your heart strings and you’ll fall in love.  She would be a loyal, loving companion with a patient family or parent(s).   Feel free to contact ResQ  for more information on the world’s newest sweetheart, Twiggy the Rat Terrier!

ADOPTED!! Pepper

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CongRATulations to the Jacobson family!

Pepper is a sweet-tempered, active little guy with a big case of the friendlies.  He is still in the puppy stage, at 10 months old and 12 pounds. Pepper has funny little mannerisms and will keep you laughing!   He seems very bright and needs someone to teach him dog-people activities.  He plays ball enthusiastically, gives up toys easily and likes to ride in the car.  Pepper is crate trained and sleeps through the night in his crate without complaining, but he would no doubt like to upgrade to your bed. Pepper is working on his housetraining and coming along very nicely!  He is not destructive, and is always seen soliciting all the other dogs to play.  His favorite game is chase!  The shelter said he ignored cats, and seems to be fine with the chickens at his foster home.  He is eager to participate in everything you do, BRING IT ON! Pepper may well become the best dog you have ever had.  Please let him know when to pack his bags for his trip home!  For more photos of Pepper in his foster home, click here:  http://imageevent.com/ratterrierresq/pepper;jsessionid=ijm6ug1km1.penguin_s


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CongRATulations to the Alexiou family!

This is Butch, quite possibly the most handsome Rat Terrier you’ll ever meet. He came from a shelter in California as a stray, having been there so long his time was up. Butch is safe now and looking for his perfect family. He is estimated to be 2 years old, and is very healthy and happy. Butch loves to play with his toys, fetch, and play tug-o’-war. An active family with other dogs would be perfect for this guy, and kids of his own to play with would be wonderful!   He loves to jump over things and has a blast doing it. He catches on pretty fast to whatever you’re trying to teach him, because he is smart!  Butch is crate trained and housebroken with a doggie door, and considers himself a lap dog.   He does well on a leash, too, and loves to ride in a car.  Butch flew to Arkansas in early August to have surgery at our Arkansas vet to repair a slipping kneecap, and is doing great!  He can outrun every other dog in his fosterhome!  Do you think Butch could come home with you? Make sure you see more pictures of this looker!


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CongRATulations to the Byers family!

Lady is a true peach of a dog, a Georgia Peach, rescued from a kill shelter in GA. After her owner passed away her beloved pets were dropped at a shelter and Lady was facing her last day. Lady has a wonderful, energetic little personality that feeds off of love and attention. Lady is housed trained and is definitely an inside pet. She loves to play chase outside and roll in the grass, but then she is ready to come back inside! She is most happy when in your lap. She gets along well with the other rat terriers in the house, but will growl if they try to take her lap spot. Lady is two years old. She weighs 12 lbs. and is approximately 14” tall. She will bark at strangers, but after a few sniffs she is friendly to everyone. She will let you know when someone is at the door before the bell rings. Lady is very smart and great with children as long as they are gentle in play. She prefers to sleep right in her foster parents’ bed, under the covers (of course!) or cuddled up side-by-side.  Lady wants a family like her foster home where she gets lots of petting, love, play and attention! For more pictures of Lady in her foster home, click here: