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CongRATulations to the Deigan  family!

 Alice is a sweet little girl, approximately 12 inches from floor to shoulder and she weighs 12 to 13 pounds.  She has long legs, a full tail, and is just such a beauty!  She was a stray in Arkansas, and was turned in to a shelter back in August along with her brother Alvin.  She is less than a year old, and full of life!  Alice is adjusting to her new name and being apart of a home again, full of human and furry family members.  Because she is a sweet young thing, she has lots of energy, but is content to just lay by your side and keep you company, no matter what you might be doing.  Alice loves to explore the backyard and chase squirrels or whatever she thinks might be living under the shed!  Her long legs make her fast and she thoroughly enjoys the freedom, peace and contentment of being in a home again. Alice is smart!  She listens well and is already crate trained. Do you need a sweetheart named Alice?  Be sure to let us know, so she can pack her bag for her trip home!

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