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CongRATulations to the Box  family!

Alvin is a such a handsome boy!  At less than a year old, he’s near fully grown at approx. 14” tall from floor to shoulder and about 14 pounds, and has a full tail. He is a classic tri-color with a dashing white blaze.  He also has plenty of the famous rat terrier ticking!  He’s fully crate trained, quickly learning house manners, and sleeps in the crate with his foster sister without a peep all night.  At nap time, he will snuggle into the crate next to his foster sister, Alice, or if he can find a patch of lap, will cuddle up beside you.  He seems very content to lay in your lap watching TV, and will soon nod off.  Alvin was brought to a shelter in Arkansas as a stray back in August and touched more than a few hearts to make it to his far-away New York foster home in November.  Always friendly and loving, he is adjusting well to his new home and many furry and human family members.  Alvin is playful and loves to burn energy with squirrel chases in the back yard with his furry siblings.  He is very much enjoying his freedom to roam a bit and learning that he is loved and a part of a family again.  With his human family, squeaky and stuffed toys mean lots of fun! He’s smart and quickly learning that slippers are NOT toys and that his toys that are kept in a basket.  Alvin tends to take them outside to play, but hasn’t learned to collect them yet.  Alvin is good with his fostermom’s 11 year-old son and 4 year-old niece so he’s good with children and other dogs, and can be “cat scanned” upon request.

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