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Ricky2Adopted!click here:

CongRATulations to the Startup family!

We’d like to introduce Ricky!  Ricky is a 1 year old rat terrier being fostered in Wolcott CT.  He is the B type rat terrier, with the shorter legs, and is a funny little guy with a great personality. Ricky weighs about 9 pounds.  Ricky loves playing with all his foster brothers and sisters and seems to love everyone he meets, after a couple of minutes to get used to them.  Once he knows you, he will be  playful and affectionate.  We don’t know how he is with cats but we could have him cat-scanned if you are interested in adopting him and have cats.  Ricky is housebroken and crate trained!  He is a good boy, and is good on the leash and likes to ride in the car.  He would prefer to be harnessed in the car instead of in a crate, and his favorite place to be is snuggling on the couch with you!  Ricky is still puppy-ish and would do great with some obedience classes.  He really wants to please you but is not sure how. We would suggest kids over 10 would be best for him.  To see more pics of Ricky,

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  1. Deana Wellnitz said:

    I put an application in with interest in Mack or Nikki,I am also interested in Ricky. I am looking to adopt one dog but am trying to keep options opened. I know that the dog and I have to be a good match therefore looking at more than 1 dog at a time can only help the process.

    posted January 4th, 2011 at 8:40 am

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