ADOPTED!! Pierce

Posted Feb 5, 2011 at 1:53 pm in Latest News



CongRATulations to the Lopez family!

 We’d like to introduce Pierce!  Pierce is being fostered in Bristol, CT.  This charming puppy is about 13 weeks old and is a typical fun-loving, playful and affectionate pup. He enjoys sleeping in bed with his foster parents and playing all day long with his foster brother. Pierce is approximately 7 pounds at 13 weeks old. He rides well in the car and is working on his potty and leash training.  His foster mom reports that he is doing a great job!  She says that if you know his schedule you can get him to go outside every time. Surprisingly, he really loves the snow!  He loves to throw caution to the wind and run through the snow, and he will stop and roll around, making puppy snow angels. Too cute!  Pierce will go in the crate when asked to, and he has not had any potty accidents when crated.  He is young so he would prefer to go out every 4 hours when crated till he is a bit older, and more often when loose in the house. He is a big cuddler and wants to be with his people whenever he can. (He is under the impression that his main job is to keep your lap warm.)  Pierce is great with other dogs and would be great with older children, maybe over 6. If you have younger children and live close to his foster home, we would be happy to have your children meet him and see how he interacts with them. He has been great with strangers, but be forewarned:  you can expect to get some kisses from this adorable guy!

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