ADOPTED!! Dayzee

Posted Mar 23, 2011 at 7:25 pm in Latest News



CongRATulations to the King family!

Dayzee would have a very sad story to tell, if she could talk.  Her owner gave her away, “free to good home.”  The rest of the story we have pieced together from volunteers who helped her.  While the former owner was at work, Dayzee was left in a crate on her doorstep in the middle of a winter storm. She had obviously given birth to puppies, because she was full of milk, but the puppies were nowhere to be found.  Poor Dayzee was not only frantic, she was skin and bones and extremely ill.  When she was discovered on the doorstep, the former owner immediately took her to the shelter, where she had dumped another dog earlier.   A kind volunteer stepped in and took Dayzee to the vet, and got her to one of our ResQ volunteers.  Dayzee is about 5 years old, and is as sweet as they come.  She is doing very well, and has gained back to a very healthy 12 pounds.  She has learned to trust humans again, and is very happy in her foster home.  She is a lap dog who loves to sit in your lap and keep you company.  She gets along with the other 9 dogs in her foster home, and likes men and women equally well.  Dayzee loves to sleep with her human, but she is also crate trained.  She is housebroken with a doggie door.  We believe that Dayzee is the mother of another ResQ dog, Weezie.  Weezie came from the same household, and there is obviously a relationship between these two sweet girls.  Dayzee should be ready for adoption as soon as she is in tip-top shape.  (A little good food and some spoiling should take care of that!)  For more photos of Dayzee in her foster home, check here:

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  1. Jennifer Moore said:

    Can you tell me if Dayzee and Weezie are still available? I need a companion(s) for my 14-year-old Rat Terrier, Daisy, a.k.a weez? Thanks!

    posted February 27th, 2011 at 8:13 pm

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