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ADOPTED!! Jack Sparrow

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 Adopted!  Introducing Jack Sparrow!  Jack Sparrow is about a year old, maybe a year and a half, and weighs around 10 pounds.  And just like any young dog, he is full of energy and loves to play!  He wakes up when the alarms go off and is ready to start his day playing.  He loves playing ball with his foster sister Darla, who is a former ResQ alumni.  Jack even liked going to the vet; it meant new people to play with!  The office staff reported that he just wanted to play, play, play, and they had a hard time watching him leave when his surgery was done.  Jack is housebroken, and is a pro at using the doggy door.  We haven’t tested him with children, but he greets visitors and new people with a friendly attitude and was not afraid of anyone, so he would probably be good with older children.  His favorite thing is his nightly massage, and he loves to be groomed with the Furminator.  Jack is very smart!  He has already learned the command of “come”, and is learning stay, sit and fetch.  Be sure and let us know if you want to make Jack a part of your family, so we can tell him to pack his bags!  This boy really deserves a home of his own, and a family who will play with him.  For more photos of this handsome young man (and videos) in his foster home, check his Image Event album


ADOPTED!! Victoria

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CongRATulations to the Deasy family!

Meet Victoria! (Vicki for short). She is a beautiful 2 year-old Rat Terrier that was rescued from a high kill shelter in Florida. Vicki only weighs 11 pounds, and is a total love bug. She is completely housebroken and crate trained, and gets along wonderfully with children. Vicki does not like cats or those pesky squirrels that seem to tease her on her walks. Victoria does prefer being walked on a leash, and seems to be used to doing her business while on a leash as well.  She becomes rather unhappy if she is left outside alone. Vicki is well behaved indoors, laying very contently in her doggy bed in the children’s playroom or at her foster mom’s feet while she is working on the computer.  This smart girl knows what is expected of her; she will alert you if she needs to go out by giving short yaps.  She is protective of her people, and she will growl and give a warning bark if someone approaches her people too closely, but once she is reassured that all is well, she wags her tail and greets everyone with kisses.  We feel that Victoria will fit seamlessly into any type of home, whether it be active or relaxed. She hasn’t met a person she didn’t like and didn’t give kisses to.  For pictures of Victoria, please visit her at http://imageevent.com/ratterrierresq/victoria?rotp=1180&n=0.

ADOPTED!! Bodsworth

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CongRATulations to the Kilpatrick family!

Meet Bodsworth!  Bodsworth is a six year-old male Rat Terrier being fostered in Sonora California.  He is a classic black tricolor pattern with erect ears and docked tail. Bodsworth is around 12″ tall and weighs about 15 lbs, with just a little bit to lose.  Bodsworth is an extremely happy, good-natured dog. He settled in with his foster family (two Rat Terriers and a cat) with no problem at all. His tail is always wagging. He loves to play ball and with other toys. He walks nicely on a leash, sits politely for his treats and comes when he’s called. He is very affectionate and likes to be close to his people and is calm in the house. He is housebroken and knows how to use a doggie door. He rides happily in the car and sleeps quietly in his crate, though he would be very happy to snuggle under the covers with you instead.  A series of tragedies forced Bodsworth’s owners to give him up. He has been a well-loved dog, and is ready for a new, loving lap to call his own. He comes ready with his favorite blanket and tennis balls to share. His owner indicated that he enjoyed playing with kids, too. He would be suitable in any loving home. For more pics: Click Here


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CongRATulations to the Hunt family!

Libby is a fun-loving 4 month old Rat Terrier that weighs about 6 pounds. She loves everyone she meets, people and dogs alike.  She has not been tested with cats yet, but we can do that if her potential home has a resident feline.  We’re pretty sure she would want to play with a cat, though, because she does love to play!  She is very energetic and loves to run around the yard with her brothers and sisters, but she always takes plenty of time to sit in your lap and cuddle. Libby enjoys kissing her people and showing how much she loves them. Libby is crate trained and is housetrained as long as a schedule is followed.  She would, of course, have an adjustment period while she learned your routine, as would any puppy.  But for a 4 month old pup, she is learning very fast! She is great in the car and is doing good on the leash. if she doesn’t have other dogs to play with she will want to be with her person and will follow you around.  Libby loves to play with her toys and has not destroyed any of them. She is such a sweet little girl, and a beautiful rat terrier.  All she needs is her forever home!  For more photos of this cutie,  


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CongRATulations to the Pearce family!

Hi!  My name is Abby.  I’m not exactly sure when my birthday is, but I know that I’ll be a year old around Valentine’s Day.  I ended up in a shelter, and when no one came looking for me, I became a Rat Terrier ResQ dog.  That was my lucky day!  I weigh about 11 lbs, and I’m a really good girl.  I am crate trained and completely housebroken.  They tell me I have “apricot” ears, whatever that means.  My foster mom tells me I am beautiful, so maybe that’s what it is.  I love to play with toys and other dogs.  When I first meet another dog, I like to let them know who’s boss, because a little bitty girl like me has to make sure not to let the other dogs try to bully me.  Once they get the message, I like to play and wrestle with them.  I also love to sit as close to you as you will let me.  If you let me sit on your head, I probably would, if I could figure out how to balance.  My foster mom says I haven’t learned the concept of personal space and I’m lucky I’m so cute.  I love kids and don’t mind cats.  Cats are fun to chase, but apparently, I’m not supposed to do that.  (At least that’s what they tell me.)  Let ResQ know if I need to start packing my bags to move to your house!  Here are some more pictures of me.  http://ImageEvent.com/ratterrierresq/abby

ADOPTED!! Cricket

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CongRATulations to the Cabrera family!

Cricket is a happy little (5 lbs.) dog who will bring you a great deal of pleasure. She was initially shy and fearful.  As she gained strength and confidence she has turned into quite a charmer who is very interested in her new world.  She runs and plays and does silly little things to entertain her foster family.  Cricket loves to go for car rides in the truck!  So far she is content being carried around tucked into warm coats. And she is supremely content snuggled up to somebody watching the TV or an old movie on DVD.  She plays with the other dogs, and seems to best like the game of chase.  She puts in enthusiastic time on her chew-toys, but is not destructive to people things. Cricket seems ignorant of the basic requests like “sit” and “come”, but is a bright and eager student. She learned her name quickly. She is polite, is crate trianed, and has good house manners, and is about 2 years old.  Is Cricket the girl for you? Check out more pictures of Cricket.