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CookieCookie is a beautiful, well behaved, obedient, mature dog of about 7 to 8 years.  She’s about 13″ high at the shoulder, and weighs about 14 lbs.  She’s long-legged and delicate looking.  She’s got a twinkle in her eye and is still very active and lively.  Cookie loves to play with squeaky toys, and she loves to chase squirrels!  Cookie is well past her puppy years, so she’s not destructive, and not overly active.  She gets along wonderfully with other dogs, although she seems to prefer the company of her people.  She’s amazing with cats!  She never chases them, and only growls at them if they try to eat out of her bowl when she’s having dinner.  She’s fine with children, and isn’t afraid of a lot of activity around her.  She would probably be better in a home without small children.  She’s not a big kisser, but is very loyal and loving.  Her favorite thing to do is sit at the feet of her people while they are working, or sitting on a lap while watching TV.  She loves riding in the car – she’ll watch out the window until she gets bored, then settle down for a nap.  She gets lonely when her people are not around, so might be best in a home where someone is around most of the day.  She is housebroken and well-behaved, and just an all-around great companion, and would be a great RV traveler!  For more photos of Cookie in her foster home, click here: 

ADOPTED!! Martini

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CongRATulations to the Sestito family!

Meet ‘Tini’ Martini!  She’s a classic-looking little rat terrier lady; black and white with tan accents on her face.  She is a type “B”, with shorter legs.  At just about 11 lbs and 10″ tall, she lives up to the “Tini” nickname we have given her.  Martini was turned into a Brooklyn, NY shelter when her owners were unable to keep her due to a landlord dispute.  Tini was very friendly to everyone at the shelter, but didn’t know what was happening to her and she was unsure of the new surroundings and why she was there.  After a few days in her foster home, she is coming alive, wagging her (full) tail and showing her true personality!  She is estimated to be approximately 7 years old, but seems much younger.  Tini is getting along with the other foster dogs in the home and can be cat scanned upon request.  She is housebroken and is fine in the crate, too.  Tini is good with older children and was perfect when she recently met a 5 year-old girl.  She enjoys riding in the car or being carried around, and would much prefer your lap rather than the dog bed!  Martini walks well on leash, too!  This smart little girl listens well to basic commands like come, sit, go, lay down, and outside.  She loves a good belly rub and is very affectionate.  She is being fostered in Mastic Beach, NY and is enjoying all of suburbia, complete with squirrel chases in the backyard!  Do you have room in your home & heart for a ‘Tini’ sweetheart of a gal?  For photos of Martini in her foster home, click here:


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CongRATulations to the Adams family!

 Say hello to Mimsy.  She has had a rough life – living outdoors with no proper shelter, puppies freezing to death and lastly, heartworm treatment.  Despite all of this, she is a happy, bouncy and lovable little 2 year-old girl.  She is always wanting to play and tries her best to get the other older ratties in her foster home to play with her – therefore she would be happy with another playful pup as her companion.  When playtime is over, it’s up in her foster mom’s lap for snuggling.  She is 14 inches at the shoulder and weighs 16 pounds, so she’s perfectly-sized for a lap dog… She loves to play with her stuffies (stuffed animals) and chew on her nylabones.  She is a bit of a thief – she delights in stealing the socks out of your hands as you TRY to put them on your feet.  She dances on her back legs, swishes her tail from side to side and waves her front paws in the air when her foster mom comes in from work.  She is a bit timid about going outside alone to do her business and is happiest when the other ratties (or mom) go out with her.  She has had only 2 accidents since being with her current foster mom – she will go potty when outside but hasn’t learned how to let you know when she needs to go outside.  If kept on a regular schedule, she would do fine with housebreaking.  She has been cat scanned and showed only an interest to play.  Mimsy may be a bit “bouncy” for a small child but just perfect for 6 or 7 years old and above.  She is not hyper, just loves to play.  She would ideal for a lively house with kids and other pups as companions.  For photos and videos of Mimsy, click here:


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CongRATulations to the Docherty family!

This sweet little girl named herself!  Not only is she the color of Honey, she is super affectionate.  Once you meet her, you will understand why the name “Honey” suits her!  Honey is a sweetheart of a rat terrier, about 2 years old, and is being fostered in Bristol, CT.  She weighs about 12 pounds, and is good with kids of all ages and other dogs. Honey loves to follow her people around and just be near them. She is crate trained and housebroken.  She would love to be in household that has someone home most of the time, because she adores being around people.  She will chase cats in the yard, but would probably adjust to sharing a house with a feline.  Honey’s favorite things are playing (for short periods of time) and snuggling.  She loves to play with toys and does like to take a shoe of her favorite person to bed with her, but she never damages anything. She is even gentle with her toys. She is used to sleeping in bed with her fosterparents and snuggles in for the night on top of the covers.  Honey is a type “B” rat terrier, with shorter legs.  All she lacks in life is a family of her own.  Could that family be yours?  Have a peek at more photos of Honey in her foster home by clicking here: