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CongRATulations to the Ancora family!

Reba is a wonderful, sweet, easy going 8 year-old female who somehow found herself homeless. She weighs 16 pounds and is about 11 inches tall. She was rescued from a shelter and now is happy in her foster home that she shares with 2 male Jack Russell Terriers. She gets along with other dogs, but prefers to be with people. She will not play or interact with other dogs, but is friendly when she meets them. She is very quiet, does not have any bad behaviors, is fully housebroken, and walks well on a leash (doesn’t pull, or lunge at people or dogs walking by). She will not run off when she is off-leash in the yard. She will just wander around, discovering new scents and always comes when she is called. She is friendly towards people, and will allow children to pet her, but will NOT tolerate children grabbing, poking or picking her up.. Since she is set in her ways she would do best in a home with adults. Reba goes for walks and also loves to ride in the car. She is allowed free range of the house, and sleeps on her little bed at night. She will not jump on the furniture unless invited up. She is a very well mannered, sweet girl who would make a great companion.  For more photos of Reba in her foster home, click here:

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  1. Bob Baril said:

    I am interested in Reba & will be driving to Sarasota the last week in
    April. Could you e-mail what I need to adopt Reba.

    Bob Baril
    (540) 537-9992

    posted April 1st, 2011 at 11:55 am

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