ADOPTED!! Flicker

Posted Oct 21, 2011 at 5:31 pm in Latest News

CongRATulations to the Rodgers family!
Flicker, (aka Flick) is a 2 1/2 year old American Hairless Terrier (hairless Rat Terrier) who weighs about 11 pounds.  Poor Flick had been passed around from home to home and then to a shelter, when his skin care became too much work.  Flick is very shy guy, (a trait of AHT’s), but loves to sit next to you and especially loves being under any blanket.   He likes to sit in the sun and tan.    He walks nicely on a leash and lets you handle his nails and ears without issue.  He kisses ever so gently, it’s almost like a whisper.   AHT’s require special skin care, much like that of a baby.  Just because he has no hair, does not mean he is low maintenance.  If you are considering adopting an AHT, please read the skin care requirements contained in his photo album.  For example, clothing is a requirement in cooler weather, as is sun screen and lotion.   He is doing well with housebreaking, but can take a long time outside to do his business.  He is crate trained.  He gets along just fine with the other dogs in his foster home, and would do best in a quieter home or with children over 12.  Because he is skittish, a fenced yard would be best for his safety.  For more photos of Flick, and to read about the care and maintenance of an AHT,

please visit his album:

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  1. Nicole said:

    I posted this on your other AHT as well. I just want to find an AHT. He’d prefer a dark male. Here’s the details once more: My boyfriend just had to put down one of his AHTs (it had a very severe case of pancreatitis and couldn’t recover). He has a small female and wants to find another to keep his female company. He and his brother have severe allergies and AHTs seem to be all he can have. How much would it be to adopt this sweetie here? I would love to surprise him with a new dog.

    posted July 10th, 2011 at 2:33 pm

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