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ADOPTED!! Flicker

Posted Oct 21, 2011 at 5:31 pm in Latest News

CongRATulations to the Rodgers family!
Flicker, (aka Flick) is a 2 1/2 year old American Hairless Terrier (hairless Rat Terrier) who weighs about 11 pounds.  Poor Flick had been passed around from home to home and then to a shelter, when his skin care became too much work.  Flick is very shy guy, (a trait of AHT’s), but loves to sit next to you and especially loves being under any blanket.   He likes to sit in the sun and tan.    He walks nicely on a leash and lets you handle his nails and ears without issue.  He kisses ever so gently, it’s almost like a whisper.   AHT’s require special skin care, much like that of a baby.  Just because he has no hair, does not mean he is low maintenance.  If you are considering adopting an AHT, please read the skin care requirements contained in his photo album.  For example, clothing is a requirement in cooler weather, as is sun screen and lotion.   He is doing well with housebreaking, but can take a long time outside to do his business.  He is crate trained.  He gets along just fine with the other dogs in his foster home, and would do best in a quieter home or with children over 12.  Because he is skittish, a fenced yard would be best for his safety.  For more photos of Flick, and to read about the care and maintenance of an AHT,

please visit his album:


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CongRATulations to the Proehl family!

 Dobby is only about 8 months old and weighs about 9 pounds. He is a type B rat terrier, with shorter legs. According to the shelter, Dobby was kicked in the head, which badly damaged his right eye. The wonderful shelter staff rushed him to a local vet, who removed the eye and took care of him until ResQ could be contacted. Despite the abuse in his past, Dobby loves everyone. He has a happy spirit, and is very affectionate. He snuggles into your lap like he is soaking up kindness, and follows his foster mom around everywhere she goes. Dobby doesn’t much like a crate, and he would rather snuggle into bed with you. (He doesn’t take up much room, after all) He is doing wonderfully with his house training, and is very smart! There is no evidence that he was emotionally damaged by the abuse, and to prove it, his tail never stops wagging. Dobby loves to smother you with kisses, if you will sit still long enough. Our vets tell us that his surgery area will look much better in a few weeks, and he has absolutely no handicap from losing the eye. His depth perception is fine, and he sprints up stairs like a big dog. Losing an eye has not slowed this amazing pup down one bit. For photos of Dobby in his foster home, check his album often for updates:Click Here 

ADOPTED!! Pippin

Posted Oct 17, 2011 at 7:29 pm in Latest News


CongRATulations to the Hayes family!

 This adorable little guy is named Pippin.  A short description of Pippin is:  a dog that loves everyone!  Pippin is between 1 and 2 years old, and weighs 12 pounds.  He is a type B Rat Terrier, with shorter legs.  His fur is super soft, and he is affectionate without being too clingy.  He likes men and women equally, and enjoys following his foster dad out to the shop, where he sits and observes.  He greets every visitor to his foster home with a tail wag, and thinks they are here to see him!  Pippin would probably be fine with children, especially older children who won’t chase him to pick him up.He is a bit mouthy and likes to play with hands, so smaller children would need to be supervised.  He is crate trained and is housebroken with a doggie door.  In fact, he loves to be outside exploring, even without his foster mom.  And did we mention he loves toys?  There’s really nothing negative we can say about this great little dog.  This little guy minds well, wants to please, and will wake you up with lots of “good morning” kisses if you adopt him.  For more photos of Pippin, click here: 


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CongRATulations to the Wong-Ostapowicz family!

 Do blondes have more fun?  Just ask Sulis, as he does a super sonic rat run chasing his sister Tara!  Sulis is a fun-loving, happy go-lucky, sweetheart of a pup that is currently about 12 weeks old.  He is tan and white, and has the shorty legs of a type B Rat Terrier.  He is such a sweet love bug and gets along great with the other dogs in his foster home.  He is learning his crate training, and doing great with housebreaking when taken out every four hours.  Sulis traveled to CT with his brother and sisters from Arkansas, and he is now loving life and having a big back yard to run around in!  (and chase his sister!)  He weighs about 5 pounds at this age, and is very people-oriented.  He is super affectionate.  In fact, this pup can’t hold his licker!  (lots of puppy kisses to give someone)  Do you need a buddy like Sulis? 


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CongRATulations to the Underhill family!

 Craving a little chocolate?  We’d like you to meet Tara!  Tara is a sweet love bug who had a rough start in life after being abandoned, along with her brothers and sisters, in a small rural shelter in 100-degree heat.  Luckily,

ResQ was contacted immediately and, with the help of other rescue volunteers, got this little cutie and her siblings into a safe foster home.  She is a tiny little thing, only about 4 pounds, but she can give you 10 pounds of puppy kisses!  Now, who can resist a chocolate kiss?  She is enjoying life in her CT foster home, and especially likes having a yard to run around in.  She may be tiny, but she can chase her siblings and give them a smack down!   Tara is brimming with personality and charm, all she lacks is a family of her own.  If you think this darling little girl is the right fit for your family, please apply to adopt her!  A pup this adorable surely won’t be homeless long


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 CongRATulations to the Fuller family!

 Meet the newest rescue on Long Island, NY:  Mr. “Slim Shady”!  Shady, as we call him, is 4 months old and one really super smart pup!  He’s nearly housebroken with a doggie door or if you pay attention to his signs.  Shady listens well to basic commands (come, sit, stay) and even fetches!  You can see a video of him in action by clicking the link to his photo album. Shady is learning which toys are his and which items that might look good to play with, are really mommy’s shoes.  He sleeps well in his crate all night long, but will wake up ready to play and take on the day.  He plays well with his foster siblings, loves squeaky toys, balls to fetch and ropes to play tug o’ war with.  Once he’s played off some energy, Shady loves to lay next to you for naptime, or will spend some quiet time in his crate.  Shady has long legs and a full tail but his big ears are undecided as he currently has one floppy ear and one that stands up.  At only about 5 pounds now, he should be about 12-15 pounds when fully grown.  Like all puppies, he LOVES to eat and doesn’t like to share his bowl too much, but not overly so, and we will work on that.   Shady is a classic tri color, white and black with tan accents to show off his beautiful face.   Shady has deep, soulful, dark eyes that say “I just want to please you and be loved” or “are you ready to play?”  Shady’s big personality and intelligence makes for a great companion and possibly, could be a good candidate for agility training!  Are you looking for a puppy to add to your life?  If so, Shady could be the “perfect pup,” just like his foster mom says!  For Shady’s photo album, click here: