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CongRATulations to the Warner family!

 Lady is a sweet, affectionate, friendly, outgoing 3 year-old female rat terrier. She has a lot of energy and is always ready to run and play. She is good  with other dogs, but not cats or other small animals, due to her prey drive. She loves to chase squirrels, rabbits, and lizards. She will spend hours outside hunting, which means she requires a home with a secure fenced yard. She would not be happy as an apartment or condo dog because she needs an outlet for her energy.  She needs to be with a person or family who is very active. (i.e. taking her for long walks daily, letting her run, and making sure she has plenty of activities to keep her occupied.) Lady would be great at dog sports, such as agility or fly ball.  She needs a job!  She will only thrive in an active environment. She is highly intelligent, curious, and social. A home with another playful dog would be great for her, as well as a home with older children who can play with her, although she may be too exuberant for toddlers.  Lady loves being around people.  Lady has learned several commands, with the help of a volunteer trainer.  She knows “sit”, “stay” and “down.”  She is very smart!  She is nervous when it thunders (she wants to sit on laps and be comforted)  She sleeps quietly on her bed at night, and does not like being crated.  Her favorite thing is to swim in the ocean!  She has been to the dog beach and loves it!  She also loves going to the dog parks to socialize.  If you are looking for an active companion, Lady could be the one!

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