Posted Jan 15, 2012 at 6:29 pm in Latest News


CongRATulations to the Pergolski family!

 Meet Burke!  His family dumped him at a Georgia shelter and his time ran out. For the life of us, we can’t imagine why anyone would want to part with him or why no one adopted him.  He is truly a perfect dog.  Burke is an energetic puppy of 11 months.  He is a stunning black and tan, but his head is actually a bit more red..  He has a real show dog look.   Burke has a natural bob tail that is very short.  He came to ResQ housebroken and he mastered the dog door in one day.   He weighs 12 pounds. Burke loves to play with other dogs in his foster home and does rat runs with his step-brother Fuzzy Wuzzy.   And what puppy doesn’t love to play with toys?  Burke loves to play with toys.  He is crate trained and sleeps quietly at night.  He loves everyone he meets and especially loves kids who he sees as playmates.  He would do great in just about any home.  If you are interested in adopting this handsome guy, be sure and let us know, so he can pack his bag to come home!  

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