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ADOPTED!! Maverick

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CongRATulations to the McGowen family!

 Hello prospective adopters!  We’d love to introduce a new boy with ResQ, Maverick!  Maverick was rescued from a shelter on his last day of life.  He sat there for months being overlooked and was beginning to think nobody wanted him.  If someone would have taken him out of his tiny kennel and got to know him, they would have realized what a great dog he really is.  In Maverick’s foster home, he is one of five dogs.  From the minute he walked in the door, he fit in so well you would have thought he had been there forever.  He gets along great with other dogs, but we’re not sure about cats.  Maverick loves to run in play in the back yard, and at the same time loves to just snuggle with his foster parents on the couch to watch his favorite television shows.  More than anything else, Maverick loves to play fetch.  He will run after a stick or ball for hours.  He will bring it right back to you to throw again and again!   He is almost house trained, with an accident every now and then, but he is trying hard to be a good boy!  He has learned how to sit, is working on stay, but as soon as that ball is thrown, he is after it.  If you are looking for a great dog, look no further.  He is crate trained, and loves to sleep in bed with his foster parents too.  For more photos of this handsome guy, check his album:CLICK HERE

ADOPTED!! Mattie

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ADOPTED!   Mattie is a refined lady who needs a quiet home.  She is about 5 years old and weighs about 18 pounds.  Her former owner was confined to a wheelchair and Mattie was her constant companion.  Mattie has been taught to use potty pads, but has now learned the doggie door and is going outside on her own.  She walks well on a leash, and loves to sleep in her own little doggie bed on the floor.  She prefers to sleep by herself under a blanket when it’s bedtime.  Mattie would probably be fine in a crate, as long as she had her blanket with her.  She is a bit timid with children who move quickly, so we think she would do best in a quiet home, maybe with no children or older children who understand her sensitive nature.  Since she has learned to use the doggie door in her foster home, she is becoming aware that the outdoors isn’t such a scary place after all.  Even though she is mildly timid, she enjoys laying in your lap or beside you to watch television.  Mattie is uncomfortable being picked up, it is something new to her and scares her a little.  After all, her former owner was unable to pick her up.  She is not food aggressive, but does become defensive when she is chewing on a rawhide or other chew toy.  She knows how to “sit” for a treat, and wants so badly to be a good girl!  Mattie lost her home through no fault of her own, and is searching for that special owner with just a little love to give a dog named Mattie.  For more photos of Mattie in her foster home (she is camera shy) click here: 


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CongRATulations to the Work family!

Meet Bella!  Bella is an 8 month-old rat terrier/chi mix.  She weighs all of about 6 pounds, and is the sweetest little love bug.  She is a little shy at first and takes a few minutes to warm up to strangers, but she loves everyone.  She did wonderfully at a PetCo showing, and enjoyed the attention from lots of new people.  She is doing very well with her leash training, and seems to like children.  Due to her small size, we think children over 6 would be best.  She gets along with all the dogs she has met, and is crate trained.  Bella is doing very well with her housetraining, and is very smart!  She goes to the door to tell her foster mom that she needs to go out (most of the time.)   Bella is young and full of energy, but will settle down nicely to lay in your lap.  She is fine with cats, and will just saunter up to them, sniff them, and walk away.  Bella is a sweetheart of a dog that needs a home to show her lots of love and attention.  She will follow you anywhere, and loves to be with her people.  Would you like to become Bella’s favorite person? Check out Bella’s Video   

ADOPTED!! Gracie

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CongRATulations to the Perrett family!

ResQ would like to introduce Gracie!  Gracie is a beautiful 6 year-old female Rat Terrier weighing about 17 lbs.   She is crate trained, housebroken, and gets along with everyone including dogs, cats, and older children.  Gracie was very quick to adapt to her foster home, and is very happy with her foster family, but she needs a home of her own.  She is a sweet and extremely affectionate dog.  Like most rat terriers, she is full of energy and loves to run around but is also content to sit in your lap and drown you in doggie kisses.  Gracie could be the perfect addition to your family.  For more photos of Gracie in her Florida foster home, Click on her album here: