ADOPTED!! Stevie

Posted May 13, 2012 at 4:28 pm in Latest News


CongRATulations to the Hawkins family!

Meet Stevie!  Stevie is a sweet 3 year-old chocolate and white female Rat Terrier who weighs in at 12 pounds.  She is being fostered in Tampa, Florida.  Stevie doesn’t mind having other dogs around, but chooses not to interact or play with them.  She is a refined lady!  What Stevie really needs is a home of her very own, after being rescued from a high kill shelter.  She was actually adopted from the shelter, but a year later came back to rescue because her family had to relocate. So this pretty girl has lost her home and family twice.  Despite being moved around, we think she would do well in any type of living environment.  She is very laid back, docile and quiet, and wouldn’t mind spending her days on the couch or in her owner’s lap.  She loves to be around people, and adores children. She would make a great companion to someone living alone, who has a laid back lifestyle and wants a loving companion.  Stevie doesn’t like too much activity around her, she doesn’t like too many people around her at once in the home. She enjoys going for little walks and meeting new people.  She is very shy at first but warms up. She is not interested in playing with toys, chasing small animals, or running around.  If you would like a laid-back little dog to follow you and be a great companion, Stevie is the dog for you.  For photos of Stevie in her foster home, check her photo album here

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