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CongRATulations to the Fanene family!

Meet our nomination for the perfect puppy award! Ozzy is the sweetest, most loving and well behaved pup ever!  He is smart, a fast learner and adjusted very quickly to his foster home, mastering stairs in the house and multiple level decks outside.  Within a few days, he learned his new name.  Ozzy gets along well with the other dogs in his foster home, playing and running in the yard at warp speed.  He is very affectionate to his foster family and all ages of human and canine visitors who have come to meet him.  He loves to give kisses!  Ozzy would prefer a lap, but
is very content to snooze in the nearest doggie bed as long as it is near you.  He is playful, but not destructive.  His favorite game is to hide all the toys for safe-keeping.  He is a bit of a sock bandit, and will play with any misplaced sock he finds, but he doesn’t chew them up.  Ozzy is learning to fetch and bring the ball back, and he’s always good for a catch.  With a little coaching he will sit for a treat. Ozzy is crate trained and 90 percent house trained with a doggie door. His tail is bobbed, just barely a nub! His legs are very long, but he only weighs about 9 pounds now.  He should finish out at about 12 pounds, with erect ears and deep brown eyes you can’t resist.  Ozzy would make a great addition to a family with any age children. He is approximately 10 months old and is going to make a wonderful companion for the lucky adopter of this perfect pup.  Ozzy will be ready for his new family in a few weeks as soon as he is neutered.  For more photos of Ozzy in his foster home, check his album: 

2 comments so far:

  1. Ann said:

    Great video. Very sweet puppy!!
    Please email me if he’s available for adoption.

    posted May 24th, 2012 at 12:31 pm
  2. Donna Cantara said:

    I am located in Massachusetts and looking for a new dog,
    My dalmatian was over 15 when I lost her in September and my Vizsula mix was 13 1/2 when we lost her to cancer in March
    I am very interested in Ozzy.
    Please let me know if he isstill available.


    posted May 28th, 2012 at 4:37 pm

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