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ADOPTED!! Penny Lane

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CongRATulations to the Lawor family!

Penny Lane is about a year old, maybe younger.  She was dumped, along with her pup, at a farm supply store in rural area.  Luckily, a friend of ours named Betty, who is involved in rescue, saw them and began feeding them.  Soon afterwards, she was able to catch them both and asked for help from ResQ.  Penny’s pup was safe with Betty, and we were asked us to help place Penny Lane in a wonderful home.  Penny is 13 pounds, and has a curl in her tail that makes her very cute!  She is mainly white and black, with brindle patches on the sides of her sweet face.  She has a full tail and button ears that sometimes turn out.  She is doing extremely well with her housetraining, and has already learned the doggie door in her foster home.  She sleeps in her crate at night without a peep, and gets up in the morning ready to play!  She plays with the other young dogs in her foster home, and seems to like everyone she meets, after about 5 minutes of investigation.  She is learning to walk on a leash, so that she will be ready for her new family.  If you need a sweetheart to give you plenty of rattie kisses, let Penny Lane know, so she can pack her bags to go home!

For more photos of Penny Lane, click here: 


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CongRATulations to the Zelle family!

Lefty is a tall standard rat terrier, weighing about 26 pounds. It’s hard to imagine, but he was a very skinny 16 pounds when he was picked up as an emaciated and neglected stray.  The shelter volunteer nick-named him “Honeybun” because that’s what they had to use to catch him.  Despite all the hardships in his short life, Lefty still loves everyone.  He likes men and women equally, and thinks he is a 10-pound lap dog!  Lefty can be a bit head-strong at times, and really needs someone with a firm hand.  A terrier-wise family would be great, because he is a big guy!  He gets along with all of the dogs in his foster home unless he is challenged, and then he will stick up for himself.   Lefty wants to please his master, and obeys commands when given authoritatively.  He is very playful and usually gets along with all of the dogs in his foster home, even the smaller dogs.  He has very long legs and loves to chase squirrels and birds in the backyard of his foster home.  Because of his prey drive, he is not good with cats.  And because he is a big boy who loves to play, he would probably be better with children over 6.  His perfect home would have a fenced backyard so he could get plenty of exercise.  We don’t think he would be a good candidate for an apartment dog.  He is crate trained (sleeps willingly in a crate) and completely housebroken with a doggie door.  He is extremely loving and affectionate, and walks great on a leash.  He also likes to ride in the car!  There’s just nothing bad to say about this wonderful guy.  For more photos of Lefty in his foster home, check his album often: http://ImageEvent.com/coram/lefty

ADOPTED!! Rooster

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CongRATulations to the Salwach family!

When his foster mom first saw this little dog, he reminded her of a Banty Rooster – he is adorable!  So that’s how “Rooster” got his name.  He is under 10 pounds, and has short legs.  He is about a year old and full of spunk!  He plays with the other dogs in his foster home, and loves to wrestle with one of the bigger foster dogs, Buckshot.  If the play gets too intense, he just scoots under a chair where the bigger dog can’t go.  Rooster is crate trained and doing very well with his housetraining.  He loves to jump up in his foster mom’s lap for a snooze while she reads.  Since Rooster is so small, we would probably advise a home with older children, so he wouldn’t get hurt.  But his temperament is friendly and amiable, and he seems to want to be friends with everyone he meets.  Rooster doesn’t take up much space, so if you have room in your home for a little guy with a lot of love to give, look at this young man.  For more photos of this adorable little guy, click here: 


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CongRATulations to the Spencer family.

Hawk is about 4 years old, and is a handsome example of a rat terrier!  He is about 14″ at the shoulder and weighs about 18 pounds.  He’s very friendly and happily greets everyone he sees.   Hawk says riding in the car is fun, and his foster mom makes sure the window is down (and locked) 2 or 3 inches so he can smell the outside air.  He is good on a leash and and gets very excited when he sees his harness.  Hawk loves to sleep in the bed, either on top or underneath the covers, depending on the weather.  This smart guy is reliably housebroken and a doggie door champ!  Hawk is quite a talker — he grumbles and groans when he is settling down to a nap or shifting under the bedcovers at night.  “Louie” is the name given to him by the shelter folks, but he responds to the name “Hawk.”  His foster mom thought he deserved a new name in his new life, which fits the Mohawk-like streak down the back of his neck.  Hawk likes his new name!  He has good manners, sitting quietly, waiting for his turn for treats or dinner.  He knows what a “hug” is, and will ask for one by sitting at your feet and pawing the air.  He will get onto his foster mom’s lap for short hugs, but is not a clinging vine.  He is an independent guy when it comes to the mushy stuff.  He loves to play and wrestle with his people, and has a soft mouth.  He minds well.  During a recent visit, Hawk enjoyed the grandkids (4, 7 and 9) for an afternoon of play.   He does play with other dogs, especially his rat terrier housemates.  This young man will make a fun and loving companion and an excellent watchdog.  Is he for you?  See more of Hawk in his foster home:   http://imageevent.com/ratterrierresq/louie


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CongRATulations to the Treger family!

It’s easy to see how this girl got her name.  Honey is a very sweet tan and white rat terrier, and is being fostered in Bristol, Connecticut.  She is 3 years old, and is good with kids of all ages and other dogs.  She will chase cats in the yard if they run from her, but she is fine with them in the house.  Her very favorite thing to do is take walks with her humans, so her perfect family would take her strolling from time to time.  She is very well-behaved on a leash.  Honey loves to play with toys for short periods of time, but especially enjoys snuggling.  She has an unusual quirky behavior that makes her foster mom smile – she likes to take a shoe of her favorite person to bed with her, but she never damages anything.  She is even gentle with her toys.  Honey is crate trained and housebroken, and dotes on her people.  She follows her people around, just to be near them.  Honey is used to sleeping in bed with her foster parents, and since she is a very good girl, she has been allowed.  For more photos of Honey, click her album:  

ADOPTED!! Buckshot

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CongRATulations to the McManus  family!

Buckshot may be the next “designer dog” in the canine world – a Ratsenji!  Buckshot and his brother Browning were rescued from a shelter near Memphis, TN when they made “the list,” and were a bit of a surprise when they arrived in their foster homes.  Our best guess is that Buckshot and his brother are half Basenji and half Rat Terrier – a “Ratsenji.”  As a result, Buckshot has characteristics of both breeds.  Buckshot is a year old, and weighs 20 pounds.  He is housebroken with a doggie door, and loves to run and play with the other dogs in his foster home – all 8 of them.  He is a very quiet dog, and his foster mom has only heard him bark once, when the UPS man came to the door.  Buckshot would probably do best in a home with a fenced backyard and would probably be fine as an only dog.  As a characteristic of the Basenji breed, he has a tendency to “guard” his person from other dogs, especially if he is lying under his person’s chair.  He is easily corrected with a spritz of water, and wants so badly to do what is expected of him.  He is not a lap dog, and is content to lay on the floor beside you, or sleep at the foot of your bed.  The only time he has an issue with other dogs is when he thinks he is protecting his person.  Buckshot  is a bit of a goof-ball, playing like a puppy and chasing birds in the backyard.  He would be a great kids’ dog for an active family.  For photos of Buckshot in his foster home, check out his album:  

Our adoption fee for adult dogs is $175. Buckshot’s adoption fee has been subsidized. A generous donor has paid $75 of his fee. So Buckshot’s adoption fee is $100.

ADOPTED!! Dharma

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CongRATulations to the Florian family!

Dharma is a chocolate American Hairless Terrier rescued after a breeder dumped her at a kill shelter in Jacksonville, NC. A very nice lady from the Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation recognized what she was, and pulled her and got her to safety. She helped Dharma find her way to Rat Terrier ResQ, where she is being fostered in a home with other pups and children ages 7 to 10 that she loves to play with.  She would not be recommended for children 5 and under.  Dharma is 1 year and 7 months old and 12 lbs. She is very loving and craves human affection 24 hours a day.  She will do almost anything for a good back scratch. She sleeps under the covers with her foster parents and does not do well being crated at night.  Because she is an American Hairless Terrier she requires very special care. Dharma must be bathed every week or two and lotioned daily. Her clothes must be washed in fragrance-free detergent.  She also needs sunscreen if she is outside for more than a few minutes. Dharma would be most happy with a home that has a shaded fenced yard where she can run free and play.  She likes to wear her clothing, even indoors,  just as you would everyday. If it is cold weather she needs a fleece shirt indoors, if it is warm she just needs a cotton teeshirt. Dharma is housetrained.  What Dharma would appreciate the most is an owner that is home during the day, who would keep her uncrated and give her all the love and attention she deserves.  For more photos of this special girl, click here: