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Posted Sep 23, 2012 at 7:50 pm in Latest News


CongRATulations to the Diaz family.

“Adele” is her name, but her foster mom calls her “Delly.”  Delly is a tiny girl full of personality.  She weighs only 9 pounds!  She is a Teddy, or a rat terrier with shorter legs.  Delly came from a shelter along with her 7-week old pup, and now that the pup is old enough to separate them, Delly is looking for a home of her own.  She is housebroken with a doggie door, and just a complete lap dog.  She loves to snuggle in for a nap or follow you out into the yard, where she plays with the other young dogs.  And this girl can sing!  She will sit up on her hind legs and yodel for you when she is excited to see you.  It’s very cute!  She has her foster family wrapped around her little paw.  There’s just not enough nice things to say about this girl.  Delly will hold her own when challenged by other dogs, but she never begins an argument.  She plays with toys like a puppy, and boy! does she love her rawhide grillers!  She has a habit of hiding them all over the house for later consumption when the other dogs aren’t looking.  Delly is small and compact, but she can jump and run with the best of them.  Delly comes when called, and is just happy to be with her people.  She walks well on a leash, and loves to go for rides in the car.  If you’re looking for a great companion with a perky personality, Delly is perfect for you.  For more photos, check her album: 

ADOPTED! Princess

Posted Sep 9, 2012 at 9:13 pm in Latest News

ADOPTED!!  Hello!  My name is Princess and I found my way to Rat Terrier ResQ because my human parents thought that I was too active.  Wow!  They just didn’t understand what it’s like to be a playful rat terrier puppy!  I’m pretty small, at 14 inches tall and only 8 pounds, but I’m a furry ball of fun!  I like to run, jump, pull ropes and squeak those furry little toys.  I am very friendly with people, especially children and other dogs.  I had a bunch of fun meeting the biggest dog in my foster home, a golden retriever.  I tried to out-run her, and almost did!  I think everyone in my new foster home loves me, including three kids, two rat terriers, a retriever and two human parents.  I am learning this busy household and nothing seems to scare me.  I am housetrained.  I can’t seem to walk on a leash the way my foster mom wants me to, but I will work real hard to please her.  I am very smart and curious too.  After a lot of playing I like to “chill” on the sofa with the other rat terriers in the house.  I am so friendly that I would fit in well in a household that has someone home during the day.  Oh, and a fenced yard would be wonderful too!  For more photos of me in my foster home, click here: