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Adopted! Tika — Congrats to the Heltzel Family!

Posted Oct 30, 2012 at 2:27 pm in Latest News

Adopted!  Hello, I’m Tika from Topeka…I’m not really from Topeka but I thought it had a certain ring to it. I am a VERY sweet, submissive girl who will cover you with kisses given any chance. I will kiss your nose, I’ll kiss your toes, I’ll kiss your lips, I’ll kiss your fingertips.. I’m a rough and tumble kinda girl when playing but am still very gentle so I would be fine with a smaller four-legged friend.  I am between 1 and 2 years old, and I weigh about 14 pounds.  Since I am shy and a bit submissive, I would not be happy around small children who would want to grab and pull at me. I am happiest when being scratched, held and loved on. I am about 15″ at the shoulder, small boned and have wired-hair mixed with a smooth coat. I have had only one accident in the house in the months that I’ve been here but if I’m kept on schedule, I have no accidents at all. I go quietly in my crate at night and stay quiet until I am let out in the morning. I love Nylabones and love, love, love to dig. I don’t know anything about cats – I think I could be friends with one but they might scare me if they hissed. I am one extremely sweet girl who needs a home with another two or four legged friend who will play with me and let me cover them with kisses. For more pictures of me in my foster home, check my album:  


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ADOPTED!  Mandy is looking for her new home!  She is between 1 and 2 years old, and weighs 14 pounds.  She has a full tail and wags it constantly.  She is a happy, happy girl!  She is very sweet and affectionate, and gives lots of rattie kisses.  She seems to love everyone she meets.  Mandy is very submissive to all the other dogs in her foster home and is super playful.  Her best buddy is a 4-month old puppy, and they have a great time running and playing.  She would be wonderful as a child’s pet, and would probably be fine with cats, but she hasn’t been tested.  Mandy is crate trained and is housebroken with a doggie door.  The vacuum cleaner scares her, but otherwise she is friendly and very outgoing.  Mandy doesn’t bark much, and wants very badly to please you.  She rides well in the car, and walks nicely with a harness and leash.  There isn’t one bit of aggression or attitude in this little girl, just a sweet dog who wants very badly to love you and receive love.  Do you need a sweet girl in your life?  Please consider Mandy!  For more photos of Mandy in her foster home, check her album often:    And watch her video below!


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CongRATulations to the Gray family!

My name is Suzy and I am 6 years old. My foster mom saw a little something special in my eyes and saved me just in time from a high-kill shelter. I confess, I was a pleasantly plump little girl when I ended up in the shelter but I was placed on a healthy diet and I’ve shed the excess weight. You should see me now – I look and feel great!! I am now a lean 15 pounds and I’m 11 inches tall with beautiful erect ears and a cropped tail.  I am a little cautious when meeting new people, and I like to make the first move.  It always helps when you have a tasty treat for me, by the way.  Once I feel comfortable, I love to get rubbed and scratched and played with, and then rubbed some more.  I’m enjoying this big yard and the pool. I really enjoy playing around the pool, and my favorite game is when you throw my rubber ducky into the water and I fish it out.  I don’t really like to jump into the water but I do enjoy playing around it. I am great around children, and, oh my, how I love them. I just love running with them, following them on their bikes and having them toss me a toy. I enjoy my foster mom and dad too, because they let me sleep in the room in my own doggie bed and they take me on car rides and on walks in the mountain bike trails. My foster mom says I’m a great little girl who will make a great addition to any home and family. I am completely housebroken and walk great on a leash. I love children and other dogs. I haven’t been cat tested as my foster mom is allergic to them. I am not a yapper, I am very quiet. I do let out a bark or two when I hear someone at the door but I am quick to return to my bed and play with my toys. I promise to be your loving and loyal companion if you give me a chance – you won’t regret it. Come and take a look at my photo:

ADOPTED!! Browning

Posted Oct 10, 2012 at 3:36 pm in Latest News


CongRATulations to the McPherson family!

Meet Browning!  Browning and his brother were pulled from a shelter near Memphis TN on their last day.  The volunteers couldn’t bear to see two such handsome boys die.  He and his brother were a bit of a surprise to our foster homes when they arrived – they are very unusual-looking!  Our vets have confirmed our suspicion that Browning and his brother are half Basenji.  Browning is a little shorty, weighing about 18 pounds and longer than he is tall.  He is a bouncy pup who enjoys playing with the toddler and the other two dogs in his foster home.  The little boy of the household loves to play chase in the backyard with the water hose, and Browning has a blast trying to outrun the spray.  He loves to be in the backyard, rolling in the grass and keeping the pesky birds off the fence.  The perfect home for Browning would have a fenced backyard so he can get plenty of exercise.  Since Browning is half Basenji, he has inherited some of the Basenji personality traits.  He gets along with the other dogs in his foster home just great, but he has a tendency to guard his person from the other dogs, if he senses a threat to his one-on-one time.  Because of this, Browning would be fine as an only dog who got all the attention in the household.  This handsome man is housebroken, and wants badly to please his people.  Browning lives in North Mississippi, very close to Memphis.  We’ll be adding an album of photos for Browning, so check back often!  

Our adoption fee for adult dogs is $175. Browning’s adoption fee has been subsidized. A generous donor has paid $75 of his fee. So Browning’s adoption fee is $100.

ADOPTED!! Sophie

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CongRATulations to the O’Neal family!

This pretty girl is named Sophie!  Sophie is a chocolate and white Rat Terrier, and weighs about 12 pounds.  We think she is about 7 years old.  This beautiful dog is a sweet and loving girl, and you will fall in love with her quickly!   She enjoys her walks and is very good on a leash.  Sophie is housebroken, but will use a potty pad on occasion if she can’t get outside. Sophie is also crate trained. She loves to take rides in the car and sleep in bed with her people, covered with a blanket, of course!  Sophie is very people-oriented, but fast-moving kids make her nervous, so she tends to scurry away.  We think she would be fine with children over 6.  She has shown absolutely no aggression when she is nervous, she just walks around or goes to a quiet place.  Her new family will need to allow her time to get settled and learn the routine. She has not been cat scanned but we will do that soon.  If her personality is a way to judge cat tolerance, we think she would be fine with cats.  Sophie’s favorite past time is to lay in the sun and enjoy life!  She would be a devoted companion to some lucky family, could that be yours?