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Posted Jan 26, 2013 at 12:24 pm in Latest News

Jase is a very lucky puppy, considering how different his fate would have been, had not the letter carrier seen the black plastic trash bag thrashing around shortly after Christmas.  Thankfully, the postal worker investigated to see what was inside.  Out popped Jase with his tail wagging.  Jase was thrown away like garbage by the side of the road, and we can only guess what kind of person would do that to a 3-month old puppy.  Jase is a wonderful, playful puppy, who is about 3 months old and weighs just 5 pounds.  We are fairly sure he is about 1/4 Doxie.  He was obviously loved very much by someone, perhaps by a child who carried him around and slept with him, because that’s where he wants to be – in your lap!  Jase loves to retrieve a half-size tennis ball, and brings it back every time!  He has learned the doggie door and loves to run and play with the big dogs!  He is doing extremely well with his housetraining, and will use a piddle pad if he has to relieve himself in the middle of the night.  Jase is very friendly and loving, and would be a wonderful child’s pet, or a loving addition to just about any family situation.  He does not like to be in a crate, and he insists on cuddling with his person at night.  (But he is a very good boy and doesn’t snore or take up much space!)    This pup has not lost his love of humankind, despite being tossed out with the trash.  We want to find Jase a wonderful home, where he can be doted upon, spoiled, and bring much happiness into some deserving family’s life!  For photos of Jase in his foster home, click here:     And be sure to check out his video below:

Adopted!! Waldo

Posted Jan 11, 2013 at 1:32 pm in Latest News

ADOPTED!!   Where’s Waldo?  Waldo is in Arkansas, waiting for his new home.  He was rescued from a small rural shelter in Bradley County, Arkansas, and his time was running very short.  He was first on the “list.”  That would have been a shame, because this is a wonderful dog!  Waldo is estimated to be 4 or 5 years old, and weighs approximately 15 pounds.  He has the “calico” coloring, or Irish-marked coloring, and is a handsome boy!  He has beautiful eyes and a wonderful personality.  Waldo is crate trained, and is very smart.  He learned the doggie door in his foster home on the first day, and is doing very well with his housetraining.  He is playful and affectionate, but not overly active.  Waldo would be a wonderful dog for a family with kids, or just about any other family situation.   He walks well on a leash, and loves to ride in the car (although he likes to sit in your lap).  And he enjoys an occasional rat run with the other dogs in his foster home, especially playing “keep away” with a toy!  We are still getting to know this sweet boy, but so far have seen absolutely no behavioral problems.  He doesn’t seem to mind cold weather or rain, and will relieve himself outside even when it’s raining.  He is just happy to be alive, and follows his foster mom or foster dad everywhere.  If you are looking for a well-mannered new addition to your family, please consider Waldo!  For more photos of him, please check his photo album:    And be sure and watch him in action in the video below!