Sheldon — ADOPTED!

Posted Jun 23, 2013 at 7:29 pm in Latest News

ADOPTED!     Sheldon is one of the “Big Bang Bunch” that was found abandoned in the woods on a lonely county road.  He, along with his mom and siblings, were taken into rescue in the nick of time.  They were covered with fleas and ticks, and were severely dehydrated.  His brothers and sister went to other ResQ foster homes, and Sheldon is being fostered in Arkansas.  He is 11 pounds at 4 to 5 months old, and is already reliably housebroken with only a few daily reminders to “go potty!”   If he can’t get outside via the doggie door, he will use a piddle pad.  Did we give you the impression this beautiful guy was smart?  Well, he is!  Sheldon’s brothers and sister look to be partially Corgi, but Sheldon has long legs.  We really aren’t sure what his daddy was, but he is an honorary Rat Terrier now.  At first this beautiful pup was afraid of being handled, but that has changed in only a week.  He runs up to you for petting, with his tail wagging.  Sheldon is your typical puppy, and loves everyone after he gets to know you.  He is still a bit leery of strangers, but we are working on that.  He loves to play with the other small young dog in his foster home, and minds very well.  If you might be interested in giving this wonderful pup a good home, please don’t hesitate and fill out an application.  Sheldon is waiting!  For more photos of Sheldon in his foster home, visit his album often: 
And watch him in action!

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