Novalee – ADOPTED!

Posted Mar 23, 2014 at 11:35 am in Latest News

ADOPTED!!   Novalee was dumped at a small-town Wal-Mart store, and stayed there, hoping her family would come back for her.  They never did.  Many people tried to catch her during the winter, but she became wary of strangers chasing her and was growing very thin.  She was infested with ticks and her fur was falling out from lack of good nutrition.  Luckily, a woman involved in dog rescue coaxed the desperately hungry dog to come to her with a hamburger, and Novalee was finally safe.  Turns out, she is very social and sweet, and is doing wonderfully in her foster home.  Novalee is about 2 years old, and weighs just under 12 pounds.  She is crate trained, and often seeks out her crate for a nap if a lap isn’t available.  She puts herself to bed in her crate about 9 p.m., and sleeps without a peep all night.  Of course, a little cuddle time if you’re sleeping late in the mornings, is very much appreciated.  She is a beautiful “tuxedo” pattern, and has soulful amber eyes.  Novalee is still a bit timid, but is starting to play with the other young dogs in her foster home.  She minds very well, and is doing great with her house training.  She walks fine with a harness and leash, and is friendly to visitors.  Novalee is quiet and well-mannered, and we think she would  be fine with cats and kids, but she hasn’t been tested yet.  For more photos of this “Wal-Mart baby”, check her album often: 

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