Bella – ADOPTED!!

Posted Jun 4, 2014 at 5:18 pm in Latest News

ADOPTED!!  Bella is a darling little Rat Terrier who is approximately two years old and weighs about 11 pounds.  She is the perfect size for a lap!  Her colors are black, white and tan; her ears are erect and her tail is docked. Bella is still a little confused and can be easily spooked by quick movements or loud noises, but she is settling into her foster home easily and relaxing more every day.  She is beginning to feel safe and secure again.  Bella is house trained and definitely crate trained; the crate door is open during the day and she will put herself in the crate for a nap.  She goes into her crate at night around nine and sleeps through the night without complaint.  Her favorite toy is a tennis ball, and she loves to run after them and will dance on two legs until her foster mom throws the ball for her. She is just a total love bug and has shown no sign of any form of aggression.  She does well with men, and came from a home with a cat, so she is okay with cats.  She has done fine with the four crazy ratties that occupy her foster home.  Bella prefers to back down when confronted, but is happy to play when she can get one of the other dogs in her foster home to play along with her. She walks fairly well on a leash and her foster mom is working on this skill with her. Bella has yet to be observed with small children.  Bella is a great little girl and deserves nothing but the best; she would do well in a home with other dogs and cats, especially if they play with her!  For more photos of Bella in her foster home, click here:  

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