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Finneus – ADOPTED!!

Posted Jun 23, 2014 at 10:32 am in Latest News

ADOPTED!!  This happy-go-lucky boy with the great attitude is named Finneus.  His foster dad calls him “Finn” for short.  Finneus is about a year old, maybe a bit younger.  He is the perfect lap size, at about 10 pounds.  Finn walks well on a leash, and loves to go for fun car rides.  Finneus is having fun in his foster home with all the other dogs, and gets along well with all of them.  He is good with older children and adults, and loves the human boy in his foster home, but he has not been tested with very young children yet.  We are not sure how he would be with cats.  His favorite pastime, now that he is safe from that shelter in North Arkansas, is to snuggle in the recliner with his foster dad and watch TV.  He thinks sleeping in the big bed with his dad at night is the bomb, and is quick to burrow under the covers and snooze.  Finn is not destructive in the house when left alone, and learned the doggie door the first day he arrived.  A fenced back yard for this playful boy would be a huge plus, since he does like to chase a ball!  (although he hasn’t learned to return it yet)  Finneus is ready to find his new family, is it yours?   For more photos of this loveable young boy in his foster home, click here:  

Josie – ADOPTED!!

Posted Jun 18, 2014 at 9:33 am in Latest News

ADOPTED!!  This little girl is named Josie!  She is 3 and a half pounds of puppy fun.  Josie is approximately 8 or 9 weeks, and is very brave and self-confident.  She plays with all the other dogs in her foster home, and loves visitors.  However, she does not think that a little girl as cute as she is should be crated, and will let you know!  As a result, little diva Josie sleeps wherever she wants to – usually in her foster mom’s bed.  Josie is trying hard to be a good girl and use the piddle pads, or the grass when she is outside playing, but whoever adopts her will need to continue with her house training.  She’s just a baby, after all!  Josie was owner-surrendered as a rat terrier pup, but we suspect she is at least half chihuahua, due to her tiny size.  However, this little girl is full of “rattitude!”  Josie will need to be spayed and have her second set of shots before she can go to her new home.  Her new family will need to follow through with her third set of shots if she is adopted before she is completely vaccinated.  We estimate that she *could* go home about the first or second week in July, if her new family finds her by then.  For adorable photos of this sweetie in her foster home, check her album:  


And watch her in action in the video below:



Ruth – ADOPTED!!

Posted Jun 16, 2014 at 5:24 pm in Latest News

ADOPTED!!   We’d like to introduce ResQ’s Ruth.  Ruth is a tan and white girl who was saved from a shelter in the nick of time.  She is a bit shorter of leg, but not quite a Teddy Roosevelt Terrier.  She is estimated to be two years old, or maybe a bit younger.  We believe she has recently had puppies.  Ruth’s foster parents report that she is very sweet, and loves to be held and loved on.  She accepts kisses very well (she was tested!)  She is great with other dogs, not aggressive at all, although she tries to show that she is a big girl.  When her bluff is called, she knuckles under and never tried to boss the other dogs around again.  We think she was just a nervous new dog in a well established dog pack.  She is a little lover, and is great with people and young puppies.  Ruth is just under 12 inches at the shoulder, making her a mini.  She is full grown, so she won’t get any bigger.  Ruth is spayed and is up to date on everything.  She will make someone an amazing pet.  Ruth is very healthy and will make a great addition to any home.  She might prefer to be an only dog, that way she can have all the loving for herself, but she does play well with others.  For more photos of Ruth in her foster home, check here: 

Joe Bentley – ADOPTED!!

Posted Jun 16, 2014 at 5:19 pm in Latest News

ADOPTED!!     As you can see, Joe is a beautiful young man with a bent tail.  Hence, the name “Bentley.”  Joe is a small standard black and tan with white, and is a male.  He is only a puppy at 5 to 6 months old, and has a little growing to do.  He will not be a tiny boy, but he will not be huge either, maybe about 15 inches at the shoulder.  Joe is neutered and up to date on vaccines, and is a VERY healthy young man.  He is loving and sweet, and loves to be held like the big baby he is.  He will use a doggy door and house breaking has begun.  He is extremely good around other dogs and puppies, and very friendly with people.  He just thrives on attention.  Joe will make an amazing pet, and is ready to find his home.  He needs nothing but a loving family who wants a beautiful young puppy to complete their family.  For more photos of Joe Bentley in his foster home, check out his album here: 

Jenny – ADOPTED!!

Posted Jun 12, 2014 at 2:19 pm in Latest News

ADOPTED!!  Meet Jenny!  Her foster mom calls her “Jenny-O” and she seems to like it.  She was surrendered along with her house mate, Cassie, when their owner could no longer care for them.  Jenny is two years old and weighs just 11 pounds.  She is quite social, once she gets used to new people.  She is timid at first.  Now she comes to both her foster parents for a little petting, and plays with the other young dogs in her foster home.  Jenny is crate trained and was paper trained in the past, but she is doing extremely well with her house training.  She has learned the doggie door and will go outside on her own.  (unless it’s pouring down rain, and then she looks for the piddle pad)  Jenny might be part chihuahua, and she does bark at loud noises.  She is camera shy, but we will work on getting more photos of her in her foster home.  She rides well in the car, and gets excited when she sees her harness and leash.  Jenny has expressive ears, which go every which-way when she’s scoping out the backyard for squirrels.  Jenny would do well in just about any home environment, but she hasn’t been tested with children under 6.  We think she would do fine, because she has shown absolutely no aggression in her foster home.  She would likely be okay with cats, and we can test her for that if needed to insure a good placement.  We will add more photos to her album as we can:  

Cassie – ADOPTED!!

Posted Jun 12, 2014 at 12:56 pm in Latest News

ADOPTED!!  Cassie and her house mate Jenny were both surrendered when their owner fell ill and could no longer care for them.  Cassie is four years old and weighs about 14 pounds.  She is very shy around new people until she learns to trust them.  She is very quiet and doesn’t bark much at all.  She is crate trained and housebroken.  She is learning the doggie door in her foster home, but so far is very good at waiting to be let outside to take care of business.  Cassie has learned to like her foster mom, and comes running when her name is called.  She will lift her little paw to give you a “high five” and enjoys sitting beside you in your chair when you watch television.  Cassie doesn’t beg at the table, and she rides nicely in a car.  Cassie has started to play with some of the dogs in her foster home, and we understand she has been around children about 5 or 6.  She doesn’t have an aggressive bone in her body.  The perfect home for this sweet girl would be a home where someone was there most of the time, and would give her a week or two to adjust to new surroundings.  She is a little darling, who needs someone to love her.  If you’d love to wake up to a “high five” from Cassie, please fill out an application.  And look in her album for more photos: 

Butter Bean – ADOPTED!!

Posted Jun 9, 2014 at 9:04 am in Latest News

ButterbeanADOPTED!!  Butter’s family decided they were too busy to keep him and returned him to the shelter from which they adopted him seven years earlier.  Butter loves going for walks and adventures and gets very excited when we get the leash out.  He loves to play with toys where there isn’t another dog to steal them and really leaps in the air when he’s happy.  Butter Bean is 7 years old and about 18 pounds, and still has a lot of years to give a lucky family.  He really likes to lay outside and sun himself so a fenced yard would really be a plus.  He would do well in a home with older children or adults and best with someone home during the day.  He is housebroken and knows how to use a dog door.  He gets along fine with the other dogs in his foster home and passed the cat test.  He doesn’t enjoy the crate and has some anxiety in it, but does fine at night when crated near his foster mom.  He loves a good belly rub and will turn himself over in hopes of getting one. If we had to sum him up, we would say that Butter Bean is a rather dignified gentleman who just wants a home that will keep him for the rest of his life.    **Butter is extremely camera shy, but we will keep  working on trying to get more photos. For more photos check his album:

Bella – ADOPTED!!

Posted Jun 4, 2014 at 5:18 pm in Latest News

ADOPTED!!  Bella is a darling little Rat Terrier who is approximately two years old and weighs about 11 pounds.  She is the perfect size for a lap!  Her colors are black, white and tan; her ears are erect and her tail is docked. Bella is still a little confused and can be easily spooked by quick movements or loud noises, but she is settling into her foster home easily and relaxing more every day.  She is beginning to feel safe and secure again.  Bella is house trained and definitely crate trained; the crate door is open during the day and she will put herself in the crate for a nap.  She goes into her crate at night around nine and sleeps through the night without complaint.  Her favorite toy is a tennis ball, and she loves to run after them and will dance on two legs until her foster mom throws the ball for her. She is just a total love bug and has shown no sign of any form of aggression.  She does well with men, and came from a home with a cat, so she is okay with cats.  She has done fine with the four crazy ratties that occupy her foster home.  Bella prefers to back down when confronted, but is happy to play when she can get one of the other dogs in her foster home to play along with her. She walks fairly well on a leash and her foster mom is working on this skill with her. Bella has yet to be observed with small children.  Bella is a great little girl and deserves nothing but the best; she would do well in a home with other dogs and cats, especially if they play with her!  For more photos of Bella in her foster home, click here: