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Lulu – ADOPTED!!

Posted Jul 27, 2014 at 1:39 pm in Latest News

ADOPTED!!   We’d like to introduce Lulu!  Lulu came into rescue from a small town shelter when her time ran out.  It’s surprising that nobody adopted this sweet girl, and they sure missed out on a great dog.  Her foster mom reports that she can’t find one single thing to correct with this sweetheart.  She is housebroken and crate trained, and seems to love everyone she meets.  Lulu is young and active, and loves to do rat runs in the backyard of her foster home.  A fenced-in yard is a requirement for this girl, since she does need to expend
 some energy during the day.  But at night she puts herself to bed in her crate, and sleeps peacefully until morning.  She is quiet and doesn’t seem to bark much at all.  Lulu has unusual front paws, only three of her toes touch the ground.  But it sure doesn’t slow her down one bit.  We think Lulu would be fine with older children, but she might be too active and playful for kids under 5.  Lulu weighs about 14 pounds, and is the perfect size for a lap.  She rides well in the car, and we are working on leash training with a harness.  She has shorter legs, so she might be classified as a type “B” Rat Terrier.  Are you looking for a dog to fit seamlessly into your home?  This might be the one!  For more photos of Lulu, check her album:
And watch her in action in her video!

Presley – ADOPTED!!

Posted Jul 6, 2014 at 4:39 pm in Latest News


presleynew6[1]ADOPTED!!  Presley is a very sweet tail-wagging little girl who loves to play with all the the kids and adults in the house. She prefers to be around other dogs her size, but has adjusted to her foster families golden retriever. Presley is 20 lbs and is estimated to be 2-3 years old. Presley was dumped at a kill shelter along with her puppies. Her pups were adopted out and she was left all alone at the shelter. ResQ stepped in and saved her from being euthanized.  Presley would love an active home with a family that can provide lots of quality time together. A fenced-in yard would be a great bonus, as she loves to run off that amazing level of energy. She enjoys lap time when she winds down and really appreciates a great back scratch too. Presley will make a forever loyal companion for her adoptive family. Her number one goal is to spend time with her human family as she loves attention and wants nothing more than to please her owner. She would do best with children that are 5 years and older who know how to play with active dogs. Presley is house trained and can sleep through the night in her crate, but sometimes sneaks in bed with her foster parents. For photos of Presley in her foster home, click here:      

And watch her cute video!





Noble – ADOPTED!!

Posted Jul 6, 2014 at 4:32 pm in Latest News

ADOPTED!!   Noble was about to make his way to the adoption floor in a NC shelter, but his heart worm test came back positive. So there he patiently waited, only available for a rescue group to pull him. The email pleas were sent out. Luckily a foster home nearby was open and Rat Terrier ResQ swooped in and pulled him out of the shelter two days before he was to be euthanized. His story is a mystery. Brought in as a stray, no one claimed him at the shelter while he was there for almost 3 months. Our guess is that he was originally from a breeder because his tail is docked and he is a full blooded Rat Terrier. Noble is true to his name. He sits very handsome, proud and tall with his front paws crossed. He is grateful to be in a loving foster home while he is going through heart worm treatment. Noble will be available for adoption when he is fully recovered and his blood work comes back heart worm negative sometime near mid August.  Noble gets along well with children and the other dogs in the house. He likes everyone he meets, first greeting you with a bark and then an excited wiggly wag. Noble is house trained and loves to play with his squeaky toys. He is estimated to be 3 to 4 years old and weights approximately 11 lbs. He is great walking on a leash and enjoys his outdoor time. He is crated at night, but would prefer to sleep in a human bed. Noble is a great lap dog and likes to cuddle up on the sofa and watch TV with his foster family. He is easy going and would do great in just about any home as long as the children in the house are 5 years or older. For more photos of Noble in his foster home, check his album: