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Posted Nov 3, 2014 at 8:11 am in Latest News


ADOPTED!!  Good things come in small packages! Liv is a tiny 18-month-old Rat Terrier girl, weighing in at just five pounds. She is crate-trained, leash-trained, and 95% housebroken. Liv gets along great with other dogs and loves to play with everyone she meets! She hasn’t had much interaction with cats but was eager to playfully chase after one that ran from her recently. Liv has proven to be the sneakiest of food thieves and will devour any morsel left unattended on a table or otherwise within her reach or accessible by a chair.
Liv’s svelte frame and lightning-fast speed allow her the ability to slip out of an open door with ease. Extra precautions to prevent escape must be taken, such as holding her in your arms when an outdoor access door is opened or crating her when social guests or young children are present.  For potential adoptive families with children, we recommend homes with kids over age six due to her very small size.  Little Liv demands lots of attention and affection! If you are relaxing on the sofa or chair, she is not happy unless she is in your lap or perched on your shoulder like a miniature parrot. She is an intelligent girl who would benefit from a basic obedience class and recall training.  Liv is an energetic, affectionate, hilarious little dog who is eager to please.  For more photos of this little doll in her foster home, check her album here:  

And watch her in action in her video: