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Jilly – ADOPTED!!

Posted Jan 25, 2015 at 7:47 pm in Latest News

JillyADOPTED!!   Say hello to Jilly!  Jilly is a young girl, probably only a year old, maybe less.  She is a standard, weighing 19 pounds.  She is very beautiful, as you can see!  Jilly doesn’t like being crated, but we are working on that.  So far, she is doing fine with her house training, and seems to get along with all the other dogs in her foster home.  She adjusted quite rapidly to having six other dogs in her home.  Jilly needs some work with a leash, and she is working hard to learn the rules of the house.  She loves toys, and especially chewies!  She thinks chewies are the greatest thing ever!  Jilly would probably not be good for very young children, because she is still very much a puppy who likes to play with your hands, and is a bit awkward at times.  But she would be a wonderful companion for older kids.  Since she is a young, active dog, a fenced back yard would probably be best.  She has a lot of energy, and running in the back yard seems to be her favorite thing to do.  For photos of this beautiful girl, click her album: 

Trixie – ADOPTED!!

Posted Jan 25, 2015 at 7:41 pm in Latest News

Trixie,Jilly 007ADOPTED!!  Trixie is being fostered in Lebanon CT.  Her foster mom reports that she has been her best behaved foster yet. She just wants to be wherever you are and to please her owner. We think she’d be a great first dog, or a great dog for anyone who wants a well-behaved companion.  She has never had an accident in her foster home and is crate trained. She’s even good with cats! She loves to go on her daily walks and is very obedient. She comes running when called and loves to run and play with other dogs.  We estimate her age at between one and two years old.  She has cute button ears. She will bark at strange people who enter the home, but will stop when she realizes they are not intruders, but visitors. She seems to prefer women to men. She is fine with older children but young children who are somewhat noisy might frighten her. She would make a wonderful companion and deserves a wonderful family.  She is a bit camera-shy, so getting really good photos of her has proven to be a challenge!  For more photos of this sweet girl, check her album: