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Ryker – ADOPTED!!

Posted Jun 5, 2017 at 1:23 pm in Happy Endings, Latest News

ADOPTED!!  Ryker is a good traveler.  He rode all the way from Arkansas to Wisconsin like a pro.   Ryker was found wearing a t-shirt and no collar.  We suspect he may have belonged to a trucker as he loves men, would only eat people food and enjoys riding on the dash.  We’ve managed to get him on dog food and he has learned that riding on the seat is just as nice as riding on the dash.  He does love to look out the window, so he would appreciate a booster seat.  He is 10 pounds, but was a little thin.  We estimate him to be maybe 4-6, but he plays like a puppy and sometimes still tries to mouth, but his foster mom is working on that.  He gets a long great with his foster brother and they play all day, so he would really like another dog to play with.  He is very fast and loves to run and run so we will be seeking a home with a fenced yard for him.   He is housebroken.  He does OK in a crate, but really prefers to sleep with his person when he can.  Ryker would be a great dog for just about every home.  He has not been “cat scanned” yet, but almost every cat is bigger than he is. Ryker has a tiny little bob tail.  He is a wonderful little dog and surprising someone didn’t move heaven and earth to find this fantastic fellow.  For more photos of Ryker in his foster home, click here: