About Us

Rat Terrier ResQ is a network of committed volunteers, working daily to save the breed we love. Founded July 3, 2007, Rat Terrier ResQ, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation (effective August 21, 2007) organized for the purpose to rescue and rehome Rat Terriers. All general donations made are tax-deductible as a charitable donation.

Our Board of Directors

Annette Bilodeau

Gregory Roe

Ivy Kaufman

Cora Davidson

Elaine Byers



Do you want to know more about us?

If you have any questions about Rat Terrier ResQ, our applications process, our available dogs, please contact us! Are you ready to apply for a dog?


Rat Terrier ResQ is a “no-dock” organization.   As a rescue organization, we have chosen to take a stand against the unnecessary practice of  tail docking and ear cropping.