Adoption Information

How will I know if a dog is available?

Our dogs’ profiles are marked with their status, so you’ll be able to understand if a dog is available or not.

AVAILABLE: You see the dog’s profile, with the location of her foster home, but you don’t see any notation about the dog’s adoption status. This is good news for you — the dog is available! Now, she may have an application or two in the works, but don’t fret! Sometimes those applications don’t work out, so get your typing fingers ready — go ahead and apply for that precious pup you’ve got your eye on!
TOO MANY APPLICATIONS: There are times when it seems that everybody out there is raving over Rover, and although we haven’t approved any applications yet, we have to put a stop to the influx of applications, because, somehow, we have to preserve the teensy bits of sanity we have. You will see a notation that says, “This dog has too many applications. Please look at our other available dogs.” We will do everything we can to match you up with a suitable dog, we promise.
PENDING: This dog has been matched with a family, and the family has been approved for the adoption of that dog. The humans are handling the paperwork end of things and the dog is packing his bags. So chances are, he is set with a new home if the dog’s profile says, “PENDING.” However, we have many wonderful dogs that definitely warrant a second look from you, so please check them out!
ADOPTED: All the paperwork is completed, and this dog has gone home to her new family. She’s probably lounging in the pool right now. On a float with a drink. Wait, don’t get upset! This is just one success story, and we’ve got more dogs to save. Please keep your heart open for another dog, one who is just getting to his foster home right now, a loving soul who needs YOU!

How will my application be processed? Can’t you do it today? Like, now?

One of our goals in rescuing Rat Terriers is to find them permanent, loving homes that will suit the dog. We don’t just look for any home — we want the right home for each dog.

Once you apply, you’ll hear from at least three people: an Applications Coordinator, a Home Visit Coordinator, and the foster parent of the dog in which you’re interested. We ask for your patience and understanding through the applications process. *Please note that we are looking for responsible applicants that have altered (spayed/neutered) pets and we ask that applicants who are planning on moving within the next few months wait to apply once they’re settled in their new environment.*

From the foster parent, you will be able to learn as much about your dog as we know – both good and bad. We do not want to place any dogs with families hastily — we want to be sure it’s the best match possible. We encourage you to write to the dog’s foster family as much as you like, so that we really get a feel for what the dog’s new life will be like with you and that you really get a feel for the dog’s temperament and personality.

You will get a phone call from your Applications Coordinator, who will have already talked to your vet and your personal references, and at some point in the process, your Home Visit Coordinator will work with you to set up a home visit, by appointment, with a volunteer. Sometimes the Home Visitor will be a ResQ volunteer, other times it will be a volunteer from a local rescue, lending us a hand in our process. The purpose of the visit, just like the rest of our application process, is to ensure that yours is the best possible home for this rescued dog. You can also ask the Home Visitor plenty of questions about rescue and pet adoption — rescuers love to talk about rescue!

After we’ve completed these steps, you’ll hear from us about whether or not you have been approved to adopt a Rat Terrier ResQ dog. Once you are approved, we will send you an adoption contract (with all your dog’s veterinary information) to read, sign, and mail back. With this contract you will send your adoption fee, and because you’ve been so patient through the whole process, we even accept Paypal and faxed contracts! After your contract has been received, we will begin planning your dog’s transport home. We ask the new families to participate in this transport — we do expect you to take an active role in getting your new dog home!

But what if the dog I want is in another state? I want THAT dog, over there!

If your dog lives in another state, there are three main options.

If you have any further questions about our applications process, please email us. Are you ready to apply for a dog?