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Holly – ADOPTED!!

Sex: Female  •   Located in: Arkansas   •   Age: Young

*Holly – ADOPTED!! is being fostered in Arkadelphia, Arkansas.*

ADOPTED!!  Holly is a sweetheart of a dog who has had a very rough start in life.  Despite that, she is the most loving dog you will ever meet.  She is barely a year old and was allowed to become pregnant.  She gave birth to 7 puppies, and her elderly owners could not properly care for her, so she and the pups were surrendered to rescue.  She was wasting away to nothing, taking care of her babies as best she could.  She weighed only 15 pounds and every bone was visible when she was surrendered to rescue, and she is now a healthy weight with a good diet and proper care.  She has weaned her pups, and now it’s time for Holly to be taken care of like she deserves.  Holly is a beautiful sable color and has tipped ears and a natural bob tail.  She loves to be outside, chasing squirrels and looking for moles, and just napping in the sunshine.  Holly also loves to play and tussle with the other dogs in her foster home.  Because she loves to be outside, we would prefer for her to have a fenced back yard.  Holly was not kept on heart worm preventative, and so she has a very light case of heart worms.  She will be treated as soon as possible, and will also be spayed before she goes to her new home.  Holly has been a perfect mother to her pups.  Now it’s time for Holly to find the loving home she deserves.  For photos of Holly and her pups, click here:

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