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Annabelle – ADOPTED!!

Posted Aug 10, 2017 at 9:08 am in Happy Endings, Latest News

ADOPTED!!  Say hello to Annabelle!  Annabelle is about 1.5 years old, and only 9 pounds.  (the perfect lap size!)   She gets along great with the other dogs and a cat in her foster home. She has been friendly with everyone she has met, both human and canine.   She is housebroken and crate trained, and will also use a potty pad if she can’t wait and there’s no one home to let her outside.  She rides great in the car as well.  Annabelle has great recall when you want her to come.  She weighs about 9 lbs and is about as sweet as a little girl can be.  She is looking for someone that will enjoy time with her and take her for walks, and is good on a leash. She wants to be with her people and sleep with them but she is also okay with sleeping on her own bed on the floor.   For more photos of Annabelle in her foster home, click here: 

Bojangles – ADOPTED!!

Posted Jul 14, 2017 at 4:59 pm in Happy Endings, Latest News

ADOPTED!!  Bojangles is a very lucky boy.  When he became lost, he was found by a family who took care of him and tried very hard to find his owners.  He was not microchipped, so the owners were never found, even after weeks of searching.  It was at that time that ResQ was contacted to help find him a new home.  Bo is a super nice dog!  He is a beautiful chocolate tri-color, and weighs 18 pounds.  He is healthy and well socialized, and seems to like everyone.  He has not been tested with cats or very young children, but his even and docile temperament gives us an indication that he would be fine with them.  Bo is completely housebroken, and already knew how to use a doggie door when he arrived at his new foster home.  He especially loves to sleep on pillows!  He walks great on a leash, and rides like a pro in the car.  He’s not super fond of being crated, however.  Bo is extremely laid back and docile, and not much excites him, other than greeting his people when they come home after being gone.  He gets along with all the dogs in his foster home, and seems to prefer men, but likes everyone.  He’s a bit camera shy, but we hope to put a lot more photos in his album soon, along with a video.  This is one handsome boy, who may still be missing his home and family, but is adjusting to his new surroundings and seems to be happy with his foster family.  For more photos of Bojangles, click on his album:  

Ryker – ADOPTED!!

Posted Jun 5, 2017 at 1:23 pm in Happy Endings, Latest News

ADOPTED!!  Ryker is a good traveler.  He rode all the way from Arkansas to Wisconsin like a pro.   Ryker was found wearing a t-shirt and no collar.  We suspect he may have belonged to a trucker as he loves men, would only eat people food and enjoys riding on the dash.  We’ve managed to get him on dog food and he has learned that riding on the seat is just as nice as riding on the dash.  He does love to look out the window, so he would appreciate a booster seat.  He is 10 pounds, but was a little thin.  We estimate him to be maybe 4-6, but he plays like a puppy and sometimes still tries to mouth, but his foster mom is working on that.  He gets a long great with his foster brother and they play all day, so he would really like another dog to play with.  He is very fast and loves to run and run so we will be seeking a home with a fenced yard for him.   He is housebroken.  He does OK in a crate, but really prefers to sleep with his person when he can.  Ryker would be a great dog for just about every home.  He has not been “cat scanned” yet, but almost every cat is bigger than he is. Ryker has a tiny little bob tail.  He is a wonderful little dog and surprising someone didn’t move heaven and earth to find this fantastic fellow.  For more photos of Ryker in his foster home, click here:

Brooklyn – ADOPTED!!

Posted Apr 4, 2017 at 5:40 pm in Happy Endings, Latest News


ADOPTED!!  Meet Brooklyn!   She was called “Celine” by the shelter, but her foster family says she likes the name “Brooklyn” better!  Petite and sweet, she was found terribly frightened wandering the streets of Brooklyn, NY. She was a shivering mess at the shelter when we first met her. She is probably a mix, approx. 2 years old and weighs 11 lbs,with long legs, so she is super-fast and agile. She is very smart and loves squeaky toys, especially, her tiny tennis ball and enjoys playing fetch. Brooklyn was scared of the outdoors at first. But, now she loves being outside. A home with a fenced yard would be great for her because she loves the grass, the birds and squirrels. She loves to be in your lap and will give you kisses. She can dance on her hind legs and minds basic commands like “sit,” “come”, “stay” and “no,” but also “find it,” “ball,” “squeaker,” and more. She is shy and nervous upon meeting new people, but quickly warms up. She warms up to men faster than women. She is quite the flirt. A pretty lemon color, she sports a patch on her shoulder and also at the base of her tail. Her nose and also eyes are a lighter brown and a bit sad… she has tear stains. Such a pretty girl who was definitely someone’s house pet because she has manners and is completely house trained. She sleeps in the crate quietly all night but and will let you know if she needs to get out to potty. However, like all Ratties, she prefers to sleep in bed with you under the covers. She loves her foster brother and foster sister. She should not go to a home with cats, large dogs, or small children.  This girl needs a quiet home.  She is fully vaccinated, microchipped and spayed with help from to the Brooklyn, New York, BACC. Won’t you consider to be her loving furever family?

For more more photos of this sweetie in her foster home, click here:  

And here’s Brooklyn with her new mom, Trudy!

Holly – ADOPTED!!

Posted Jan 26, 2017 at 5:11 pm in Happy Endings, Latest News

ADOPTED!!  Holly is a sweetheart of a dog who has had a very rough start in life.  Despite that, she is the most loving dog you will ever meet.  She is barely a year old and was allowed to become pregnant.  She gave birth to 7 puppies, and her elderly owners could not properly care for her, so she and the pups were surrendered to rescue.  She was wasting away to nothing, taking care of her babies as best she could.  She weighed only 15 pounds and every bone was visible when she was surrendered to rescue, and she is now a healthy weight with a good diet and proper care.  She has weaned her pups, and now it’s time for Holly to be taken care of like she deserves.  Holly is a beautiful sable color and has tipped ears and a natural bob tail.  She loves to be outside, chasing squirrels and looking for moles, and just napping in the sunshine.  Holly also loves to play and tussle with the other dogs in her foster home.  Because she loves to be outside, we would prefer for her to have a fenced back yard.  Holly was not kept on heart worm preventative, and so she has a very light case of heart worms.  She will be treated as soon as possible, and will also be spayed before she goes to her new home.  Holly has been a perfect mother to her pups.  Now it’s time for Holly to find the loving home she deserves.  For photos of Holly and her pups, click here:

Frosty – ADOPED!!

Posted Jan 26, 2017 at 5:07 pm in Happy Endings, Latest News

ADOPTED!!  Frosty is one of the pups in the Christmas ResQ litter.  The pups and their mother (Holly) were taken into rescue just before Christmas because their elderly owners could not care for a litter of puppies.  Frosty’s date of birth is November 11, 2016.  He is about 5 pounds at 11 weeks old.  Frosty is a typical puppy, full of energy.  He needs a family of his own!  He will be fully vetted with age-appropriate shots and will be neutered before adopted. For more photos of this little family, click here: 

Nick – ADOPTED!!

Posted Jan 26, 2017 at 4:56 pm in Happy Endings, Latest News

ADOPTED!!  Nick is one of the pups rescued with his mother and siblings when their elderly owners could not care for them.  Nick’s date of birth is 11-11-16, and he is just a bit over 9 pounds at 16 weeks of age.  His mother is 15 pounds, so we expect him to be about that size when fully grown. He has had all of his  his age-appropriate shots and has been neutered.  Nick is one of the few pups in the litter with a full tail, and he’s not afraid to wag it!  Of the three remaining pups, he is the most cuddly, and loves to be held while he catches a quick nap.  Adopters of Nick’s siblings have reported to us that these pups are extremely smart, and are learning basic obedience at an amazing rate.  Nick is eating kibble, and is working hard on his housebreaking skills.  All he needs a family of his own.  For more photos of Nick and his siblings, click here:  

Carol – ADOPTED!!

Posted Jan 26, 2017 at 4:53 pm in Happy Endings, Latest News

ADOPTED!!  Carol is a beautiful pup that was born 11/11/16, and is about 5 pounds at 11 weeks old.  She has a full tail, and is a beautiful black tri-color.  Carol is one of the sweetest pups in the litter, always wanting to be held.  All this sweetheart needs is a home of her own.  She is eating puppy kibble with a bit of canned mixed in, and will have all her age-appropriate vaccinations before she is adopted.  She will also be spayed and microchipped.  For more photos of Carol and her siblings, click her album: 

Peppermint – ADOPTED!

Posted Jan 26, 2017 at 4:50 pm in Happy Endings, Latest News

ADOPTED!!  Peppermint is one of the puppies in the ResQ Christmas litter.  She was born on 11/11/16, and weighs about 9 pounds at 16 weeks old.  She is friendly and social, and has a natural bob tail.  Peppermint is curious, like all puppies, and loves to shred paper!  (a terrier trait)  She is the bravest of the three remaining puppies, and the most athletic, so she is usually the one in trouble!  All of the pups who have been adopted are reportedly VERY smart, and Peppermint is no exception.  She is eating dry kibble, and all she lacks is a home of her own.  She has had all her age-appropriate shots and has been spayed.   For more photos of Peppermint and her siblings, click here:  http://ImageEvent.com/coram/hollyspups

Noelle – ADOPTED!!

Posted Jan 26, 2017 at 4:46 pm in Happy Endings, Latest News

ADOPTED!!  Noelle (middle pup) is one of the girls in the ResQ Christmas litter, and is one of the most social of the group.  She is active and curious, just like any other puppy!  Noelle has a natural bob tail and a “starter button” in the middle of her forehead.  She would be a great addition to almost any home.  Noelle was born on 11/11/16 and was surrendered to rescue because the elderly owners could not take care of them.  Noelle weighs about 8 pounds at 16 weeks old, and has had all her age-appropriate shots and has been spayed.  She is working hard on housebreaking skills, and sleeps through the night without a peep.  The adopters of her siblings have reported back to us that these puppies are VERY intelligent and are stars in puppy kindergarten.   For more photos of Noelle and her siblings, click here: