Mouse – ADOPTED!!

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mouseADOPTED!!  As you can see, this pretty little girl named Mouse is a long-legged rat terrier. She is estimated to be over 4 yrs old and is a petite 10 pounds.  Mouse is housebroken, crate-trained and is walking nicely on the leash.  She is very quiet and rarely makes a sound unless someone knocks on the front door.  Mouse does great on long car rides and RV trips, and loves to play outdoors!   Just toss a ball and watch her just light up with happiness!  This sweetie is a velcro-dog, wherever you go, she wants to be right there next to you.  She will do best in a home with children 10 and older, as she is very frightened of little children.  We don’t know what happened to her in her past, but maybe children were not so nice to her, leaving her frightened of small hands and quick movements by little people.  She is friendly with other dogs (with proper introduction) and has shown no signs of aggression with the stray cats.  Anyone interested in a loving, quiet lapdog…this is your girl!  She wants nothing but to be loved and love in return.  For more photos of little Mouse in her foster home, click here:

Bella – ADOPTED!!

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bella4ADOPTED!!  “Bella” is an Italian word, and this pretty girl is true to her name…absolutely beautiful!  She is one year old and full of that famous Rat Terrier energy. Just like other pups, Bella loves to play and run with the other dogs in the house.   Nobody gets bored with Bella around to entertain!  She is very active and would do well with a fenced in yard and a home that has other playful dogs. Bella is very curious and would appreciate taking long walks with her adoptive family. She is house trained, sleeps through the night and is learning to walk on a leash. She has not been tested with cats or small children, but we would be happy to test her if needed.  We suspect she would want to play with a cat, whether the cat was willing or not!  She is a very healthy girl at 13 pounds and will be ready for adoption after her spay.  If you are looking for a young dog to enjoy an active life, Bella may be just what you need!  For more photos of Bella, click here:  

Jasmine (Jazz) – ADOPTED!!

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jazz2ADOPTED!!  Jasmine (Jazz) is being fostered in Lebanon, CT.  She came to ResQ when sadly, her owner went into a nursing home.  She has quickly settled into her foster home and is a very well-behaved companion.  It’s easy to see she was very much loved in her former home.  She is a big girl at around 30 lbs and she looks like she may be mixed with Corgi.  She is 5 years old and is housebroken. Jazz loves to ride in the car, but her favorite thing is her daily walks!  She is such a good girl, and walks great on a leash.  She is not a fan of being crated, she’d much rather be out with her family.  But she will quietly sleep on the couch all night without any problems. She is great with the dogs and even the cats in her foster home. Not sure about younger children but would be fine with kids over eight. If you need a well-behaved girl who will fit seamlessly into your family, please give her a look!  And for more photos of this terrific girl, check her photo album:

Scooby – ADOPTED!

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scooby4ADOPTED!!  Meet Scooby!  This sweet little guy ended up in a shelter due to divorce.  This tri-color Rat Terrier is about 7 years old and weighs about 15 lbs.  Scooby is very sweet and mellow.  He gets along with other dogs and children aged 8 and older. We haven’t had him around younger children or cats, but we can test him out with younger children or have him ”cat” scanned upon request. He walks nicely on a leash and is housebroken.  Scooby has a lot of life and love to give to the right family.  He would love to have a home and family of his own for the holidays.  Could you be the family for this snuggle bug?  For photos of this sweet boy, click on his album: 

Benny – ADOPTED!!

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benny6ADOPTED!!  Benny is a 1 year old, adorable, tri-color boy weighing in at just under 15 pounds.  He was found as a stray dog and no owners could be located or stepped forward to claim him.  Benny is a super playful little dog that gets along great with other dogs and children aged 8 and older.  We haven’t had him around younger children or cats, but we can test him out with younger children or have him ”cat” scanned upon request.  This little love bug walks nicely on a leash and is housebroken and crate trained.  He has quickly learned what “go to bed” means and will voluntarily go into his crate at night time and for meals.  He also has a favorite toy that he keeps in his crate so the other dogs don’t steal it from him.  Benny is looking for a family to call his own. Could you be the family for Benny?  For photos of Benny in his foster home, click on his album:  

Katie Bug – ADOPTED!!

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katie-bugADOPTED!!  Katie Bug came into rescue along with her housemate, Kelsey.  Kelsey has been adopted, and Katie Bug is still looking for her new home!  She is a 7 yr old rat terrier, and just about as sweet as they come.  She adores being held and cuddled, and is quite a vocal little girl when she “talks” to you about things.  When you speak to her, not only does she understand, but she answers!  Katie Bug is housebroken and crate trained, and is also good with other dogs and cats. She is a very gentle girl and might be scared with very young kids so I we would recommend children 7 years or older.  She lost her home when her family had to move into another type of housing, but she was well taken care of while she was with them, and her former owner was relieved to hear that both girls had been taken into rescue.  Katie weighs about 10 or 11 pounds, and is just the perfect size for a lap buddy!  For more photos of Katie Bug, check her album: 

Kelsey – ADOPTED!!

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kelseyADOPTED!!  Kelsey and her housemate Katie were surrendered to rescue when their human parents had to make a move and could not take them.  Both of these girls were well loved and taken care of, and ResQ has been in communication with their former owners, who are very happy that the girls are taken care of.  Kelsey is being fostered in Arkadelphia, AR, and is a beautiful chocolate and white girl with amber eyes.  She is especially fond of men, but seems to love everyone.  Her former owner reports that she has been around small children, but will prefer to seek out a quiet place while they are visiting.  So a home with very young children would probably not be the best environment for her.  She is housebroken and uses a doggie door.  She needed a good teeth cleaning, but we took care of that.  Kelsey loves, loves, loves to play with toys and retrieve them.  She will drop one at your feet and “yaroooo” at you until you pick it up and toss it for her.  She’s a lap dog superb, and so far as not shown any behavioral problems that need to be corrected.  She LOVES to take a ride in the car, and mainly just wants to be with her people.  She weighs 12 pounds, and is probably a pound overweight, but she is healthy and has a lot of life and love to give a lucky family.  To see her photos, click here: 

Snoopy – ADOPTED!!

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ADOPTED!!  Here’s Snoopy!  This adorable little guy (at only 9 pounds) lost his home through no fault of his own.  He is friendly and playful, and housebroken with a doggie door.  Snoopy is a “low rider” or a Type B Rat Terrier, with short little legs.  He makes up for it with big ears!  Snoopy is such a comical little guy, he will twirl and bounce when offered a treat, and wants to be curled up in your lap when he’s not patrolling the back yard for pesky squirrels.  Snoopy’s owner was forced to give him up by an apartment manager who evidently dislikes dogs.  Both the owner and the town’s ACO contacted ResQ right away, so Snoopy has not had to endure shelter life.  He is a happy, peppy little guy who will put a smile on your face!  Even his little tail is comical, it has a kink in the end of it.  But that doesn’t keep him from wagging it constantly!  If you are looking for a great family pet, please look twice at this little guy.  But keep in mind, he doesn’t lay on top of a dog house like his namesake, he prefers a recliner or a comfy doggie bed.  And he has a bad habit of snacking on house shoes left lying around.  But who can stay mad at that face?  For photos of Snoopy in his foster habitat, click here:  

Romeo – ADOPTED!!

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romeoADOPTED!!  This sweet boy named himself.  Upon meeting him, his foster mom said…”This little boy is a real lover, a Romeo.”  He is super sweet and affectionate, and soaks up love like a big sponge.  He is a bi-color boy with beautiful erect ears and a full tail that he wags constantly.  He is housebroken with a doggie door, and so far hasn’t shown any bad habits that need to be corrected.  When you pet him he closes his eyes and enjoys every minute of it.  He plays with the other young dogs in his foster home, and sometimes enjoys waking the humans up with a squeakly toy at 6 a.m.  (assuming you don’t get up ready to play!)  He came from a shelter in Jonesboro, Arkansas, and the volunteers went the extra mile to transport him to safety.  He is a young dog, probably between 1 and 2 years old, and weighs only 12 pounds.  He loves to play with toys, and go for fun rides in the car.  We haven’t tested him with kids, but he has such a docile, loving nature, we think he would be fine with children.  We would be happy to test him if we need to.  It’s always hard to understand why such a good dog can end up homeless, but you can change that, if you have just a little extra lap room for a boy named Romeo.  For more photos of him in his foster home, click here: 

Sniper – ADOPTED!!

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SniperADOPTED!!  This handsome boy is Sniper, and he was given the name by our Facebook family.  This little guy is only about a year old, and already has had a rough life.  Someone thought the little black and white pup would make good target practice, so as a result he has several pellets and pieces of metal throughout his body from being shot.  The x-ray in his photo album shows the proof of his prior abuse.  A bullet was surgically removed from his shoulder, and he has a bit of muscle loss at the surgical spot, but otherwise this long-legged boy is active and happy to chase the squirrels in his foster home’s back yard.  He is completely housebroken with a doggie door and walks well with a leash and harness.  He is extremely affectionate and sweet, and is submissive to all the other dogs in his foster home, some weigh half his 18 pounds.  He loves to be in your lap, and is a big fan of giving doggie kisses.  He is just a bit shy when meeting new people, but once he feels safe, he wants all the petting you can spare.  Sniper hasn’t been tested with children, but we feel confident he would do well, especially with children over 5 who are gentle and kind to him.  But his sad story doesn’t end with being shot.  He is also heart worm positive – a very light positive – and has begun treatment.  He should be healthy and ready for his new home some time in September, once he has a clean bill of health from our vets.  Upon request, we would be happy to test him with cats.  A home with a fenced backyard will be given precedence, per his foster parents.  If you have any questions about him, and think you would like to give this deserving little guy a new home, please let us know – or better yet, go ahead and fill out an application!  For more photos of Sniper in his foster home, click this link: